Why on Earth is Jennifer Lawrence Mad at Amy Schumer’s Baby?

Hint: It involves prestige television.

Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence
Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images

Jennifer Lawrence is quite frustrated with Amy Schumer’s brand-new baby, Gene. Schumer’s son, born May 5, is apparently interfering with J. Law’s television viewing routine.

In a snap the comedian shared to her Instagram story on Wednesday, she revealed that Lawrence has some beef with baby Gene. Schumer posted a text exchange between the two stars, in which Lawrence asked Amy to clarify a plot point on the Handmaid’s Tale. “You up? I have questions about hand maids take,” Lawrence wrote, correcting herself and adding “tale.”

“It’s an emergency. Amy!!!” Lawrence continued. “What did she do on season 1 to deserve being in the gallows on season 2. I can’t remember where I left off. Are you asleep bc of the baby??? Are you asleep before 11? Is this bc of the baby? Don’t make me resent the baby.”

The movie star was referring to a scene in season two of The Handmaid’s Tale, in which handmaids, including Elisabeth Moss’s June, were tortured with a mock execution as a punishment for attempting to escape the show’s brutal, dystopian version of America, Gilead (though it’s quite arguable that we already live in said dystopia). Sounds like J. Law was having a pretty bleak night.

“Wow,” Lawrence concluded, full of sorrow. “Ur really asleep before 11, I’ll be damned.”

But Schumer was, in fact, awake. “Hi!” she wrote. “I’m awake! She ran away.”

“Everybody keeping their cool about me having a baby,” she captioned the screenshot. Hopefully Gene will not interfere in any of Lawrence’s further experiments with prestige television. It also feels noteworthy that Lawrence is saved in Schumer’s phone as “Jlaw.”

Amy Schumer’s text exchange with Jennifer Lawrence, posted to her Instagram story.

Lawrence and Schumer have been friends for years, and even wrote a screenplay together (it’s finally going into production soon). Lawrence attended Schumer’s recent wedding, though her friend wasn’t really her focus for the evening. “I was flirting with Larry David all night, but it was very one-sided,” she told Stephen Colbert last year. “I’m obsessed with Larry David, but he’s not obsessed with me. So after the ceremony, Amy comes up and grabs me and she’s like, let’s go upstairs and talk about life and love and this giant decision that she just made. And we go up to the roof and she’s talking about everything, and I just went, ‘Amy, every minute that I’m here Larry could be leaving.’”

We’re sure Cooke Maroney understands.

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