Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone already have a lot in common: They’re both young, mega talented, and Oscar winners—Lawrence has been nominated four times, and won for Silver Linings Playbook; Stone has been nominated twice and won for La La Land just last year. Before either have turned 30, Lawrence and Stone are two of Hollywood's brightest leading ladies, racking up an impressive number of hugely successful films with both commercial appeal and critical praise, including this year's mother! and Battle of the Sexes. Not surprisingly, they get along swimmingly. Their personal rapport was on display when they got together for W's Best Performances portfolio and sat for a joint interview by editor-at-large Lynn Hirschberg. Teasing each other like longtime friends, the actresses found they were a lot more alike than they realized. Their first album? TLC for Stone, Brandy for Lawrence. They both have a habit of mishearing song lyrics, and they both enjoyed inventive Halloween costumes as children. “Do you understand that spending time with us is just us sitting and screaming at each other?” said Stone. “I'm like already exhausted. It's so fun,” Lawrence quipped back. For these and other pressing queries, like what would be their porn names and what have been their scariest experiences, read on.

What was your first job?
Jennifer Lawrence: Babysitting I guess.
Emma Stone: Well, I worked at a dog bakery when I was 15 but you already know that.
JL: They baked dogs? That's awful.
ES: We'll talk about it later. It's a pretty traumatic part in my history. Just kidding, I would never bake dogs.

I know you wouldn't.
JL: She totally would. She's a cat person.
ES: I'm not a cat person at all. That's so insulting.

Okay, so Emma what was the first album you bought?
ES: TLC, Crazy Sexy Cool.
JL: Mine was Brandy.
ES: It was? Oh, we're kind of like along the same lines.

What was your favorite TLC song?
JL: Obviously Jason Waterfalls.
ES: Jason Waterfalls?
JL: I used to think it was, "Go, go, Jason Waterfalls."
ES: (Singing) "Go, go, Jason Waterfalls...." There's this misheard lyrics website called that's the Jimi Hendrix, "Excuse me while I kiss this guy," and you're supposed to write in what the misheard lyric was and when you found out that you had been mishearing it. I thought in the Michael Jackson song "The Way You Make Me Feel" it was, "Give it to me. Give me some gum. Come on be my girl."
JL: Also with Michael Jackson, I used to think Bad Mamma Jamma—was bad man's pajamas? I still don't get it—bad man's pajamas?

Emma, what was your first pet's name?
ES: We had 2 dogs named Norman and Chelsea that were Golden Retrievers.
JL: I had a Schnauzer named Ozzie. He hated us so much. He never wanted to be in the same room as us.

So then, what's your first porno name?
JL: My porno name is Ozzie Ormond.
ES: Ozzie Ormond and then I'm—well because I chose Chelsea and then I always thought that the street we were on was Thunderbird but I think it was actually Wethersfield, so it's Chelsea Wethersfield but Chelsea Thunderbird would've been the perfect porno name.

I've already asked Emma this question so now I have to ask Jen this question: What was your favorite birthday?
JL: Definitely my 25th birthday when my friends surprised me with Kris Jenner holding my birthday cake. I don't want to sound like—I know that's a famous person story— but when I was a kid my parents would be like, "It was your birthday yesterday." We didn't have like parties, so my only birthday parties are after I'm famous so suck my d---.

Emma, what was your favorite Halloween costume?
ES: I went as Morticia Addams when I was a kid and I got to do those press-on long nails and I had the long wig and all the make-up and I felt incredible. I was 6 years old.
JL: My mother wouldn't have let me wear those. She would've said they would conjure the devil.

And what was your favorite Halloween costume Jen?
JL: I was a picnic table. It was a plastic cloth that kind of sticks like that and then I cut a hole in it. But the problem was I had a crush on this guy named John, and [Halloween] was going to be my only time I was going to be able to interact with a boy and I was so pumped for Halloween because we were going to interact and then I put my face in the table cloth and was like, "Hi John. Are you my boyfriend?" [Laughter]

Jen, what was the most scared you've ever been?
JL: Well, I had double engine failure on a plane eight months ago so that one's pretty easy for me. We actually got to emergency land on a runway. I didn't know that was gonna happen. We were just careening to the ground. I thought we were gonna die. Now when I fly if I have PTSD flashbacks the plane will be landing totally normally to everybody else but to me it feels like we're careening again, so I'll go, "Ah!" and scream uncontrollably.

Emma when were you the most scared?
JL: What about when both of your contact lenses popped out of both your eyes at the same time because your eyes are too big?
ES: Jen came to see Cabaret and both of my contacts popped out of my eyes at the same time and my prescription is -900, which, if you know what that means, is like...I cannot see. So, they had to drag me off the stage in the dark and she came backstage afterwards and I was like, "I couldn't see anything! It was garbage! It was a disaster!" And she was like, "Enough, enough. I'm your dance mom. You need to calm down."
JL: No, but to me the most bizarre thing is I was watching and I was like, "Oh my god!" She was dancing, she was singing—to me I was like, "Whoa," and so I went up and I like knocked on her dressing room door and I was about to be like, "Dude, that was so awesome." And she opens the door and she was like, "It was awful. It was terrible. I was blind the whole time."
ES: Do you understand that spending time with us is just us sitting and screaming at each other?
JL: We just scream at each other. We're both hoarse after we hang out—us, oh my god. I can't imagine what it must be like for other people. We should never hang out, only with each other.
ES: I'm so sorry that you're having a window into this.
JL: God, I'm like already exhausted. It's so fun.