Darren Aronofsky's upcoming film Mother! should show us a side of Jennifer Lawrence we haven't quite seen before. It is, after all, her first collaboration with an A-List director not named David O. Russell, and aside from those Russell films and Passengers she's mostly kept busy the past few years with her duties to her X-Men and Hunger Games franchises.

While the tabloid press has managed to dig up details of the romance that developed between the director and actress, no one is really sure what exactly the movie is supposed to be out. The film has been described as centering "on a couple whose relationship is tested when uninvited guests arrive at their home, disrupting their tranquil existence." Other than that, details are few and far between.

Over the weekend, however, Paramount Pictures decided to take advantage of the Mother's Day holiday and released a haunting poster for the film that begs more questions than it answers.


Yes, it's a painting of Lawrence proffering her actual heart to, well, someone we suppose after it's been ripped straight out of her chest.

Paramount Domestic Distribution chief Kyle Davies has previously stated that the film will deliver "thrills and chills," and The Wrap reports that a source says, "Aronofsky is flirting with the same psycho-horror that won Natalie Portman an Oscar for the unraveling ballerina she played in Black Swan."

The poster certainly seems to confirm that the film is indeed a thriller and a chiller.

Javier Bardem receives co-billing on the poster alongside Lawrence, and we might assume that the stars play the couple who has their relationship tested, but there's not any confirmation on that.

Michelle Pfeiffer is also set to appear in the film as part of her busy return to acting full-time after spending years only occasionally working and putting her emphasis on raising her own children. It would make perfect sense for Pfeiffer to play Lawrence's mother, but, again, we're just guessing here.

The film also stars Ed Harris, Kristen Wiig (reportedly in a small part) and real life brothers Domhnall and Brian Gleeson, though no information is available for what characters they play either.

The film's IMDB page (which isn't necessarily always accurate) does however list character description for bit-part actors. Amongst the roles listed are "pervert," "creep," "sex slave," "tourist," "thief," "protestor," "fan," "paparazzi #2," "refugee," "Autograph seeker #1," "rave dancer" and "son." Which might point to the idea that themes of sex, celebrity and politics are heavily involved, but, again, who knows.

Mother! will be Aronofsky's first film since his 2014 biblical epic Noah, and certainly seems to promise a return to his less holy-themed work like Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream.

Further updates with more possible clues:

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