The Best Jennifer Lopez Movie is the One Told By the Hustlers Set Photos

Rainbow-colored furs, Uggs, Juicy sweatsuits...

Celebrity Sightings in New York City - April 1, 2019
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In her nearly three decades in the spotlight, Jennifer Lopez has become an expert at walking the line between risqué and tasteful with her wardrobe, relying on a mix of body-baring designer ensembles and more elegant, ultra-feminine pieces for her red carpet and concert appearances. For her next film, however, J.Lo is going in an entirely different direction, with paparazzi photos from the set of Hustlers showing her donning a wide variety of outfits that are the perfect amount of tacky, in the very best way.

When filming first began at the end of March, in a shopping mall just north of New York City, we saw Lopez sporting a lip piercing and hoisting a dressed-up tiny dog in the air as she and Constance Wu, in a snakeskin minidress and sky-high stilettos, shared a drink from Orange Julius. And things have only escalated from there: When filming moved into Manhattan, Lopez was spotted in black liquid leather leggings, a bejeweled black Juicy hoodie—hood up, of course—over a white sports bra, and high-heeled white sneakers. For those scenes, she carried an oversized shiny silver purse, had an emotional argument and reconciliation with Wu’s character, and, after popping by an ATM, was held up by gun-wielding police officers, cash still grasped in her hands.

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Soon after, Lopez shared a photo of her “on set and in character,” wearing a hot pink bikini and matching lipstick, and holding a bedazzled lighter aglow.

We next saw Lopez joined by Madeline Brewer for a much less tumultuous day of filming. For their casual stroll through NYC, Lopez wore an ombré purple fur vest and platform stiletto lace-up boots, while Brewer wore a white lace minidress under an oddly colored fur vest of her own.

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Last but certainly not least was Lopez’s second pair of chunky heeled sneakers, this time in an all-black colorway. She paired the shoes with a light blue Juicy sweat suit, a gold nameplate necklace, and her highlighted hair pulled back into a messy bun.

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As a bonus, in late March, Lopez was photographed wearing a bathrobe and Ugg boots on set and, quite frankly, based on her other outfits for the film, it’s impossible to tell whether this one’s an on-camera Ramona ensemble or an off-duty J.Lo ensemble. On one hand, her hair is perfectly done, she’s accessorized to the max with a necklace, a handful of rings, and that crystal-covered lighter, and it’s not her usual between-takes black parka; on the other, it doesn’t exactly make sense for Ramona to be wearing a bathrobe and Uggs outside of the comfort of her home, especially when she obviously prefers high heels and skin-tight outfits.

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While we may have to wait until Hustlers comes out next year to solve the mystery of J.Lo and/or Ramona’s bathrobe, hopefully, we’ll soon get a glimpse of the inevitably equally spot-on outfits of Lopez, Brewer, and Wu’s other costars, Cardi B, Lili Reinhart, Keke Palmer, and Julia Stiles, who will round out Lopez’s gang of revenge-seeking strippers in the film.

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