Also Known As @JimWalrod1

The enigmatic interior designer talks trash.


With the publication of “I Knew, Jim Knew,” an upcoming series of books, and a furniture show opening at R & Company on Tuesday, September 8, the designer Jim Walrod might best be described as busy. The eccentric polymath has been documenting these pursuits and more on his Instagram feed, where he documents cheeky found street assemblages, outings with artist friends like Tom Sachs, Jim Drain, Ryan McGinley, Gaetano Pesce—and of course trophies from the 26th Street Flea Market. Here, Walrod shares his social media secrets.

Occupation: Interior Designer

Three words that describe your Instagram aesthetic: Without-rhyme-or-reason

What is your favorite thing to photograph? Mostly stuff on the street, I live in Chinatown. Basically, I like photographing things that have to do with miscommunication.

One thing you would never post: A picture of me, topless.

#Nofilter or filter? Never.

Would you ever Instagram a work in progress? Maybe as a joke. Instagramming a work in progress is interesting—I don’t know who you are helping by doing it. It certainly isn’t for the client.

Most memorable comment you’ve ever received: “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Weirdest/funniest photo you’ve been tagged in: A painting with a bunch of dogs playing poker. My friend Jim Drain tagged me as one of them.

Greatest hits: The randomness of design—whether that is something in the garbage or furniture left on the street. My most liked photograph is one of a homeless man that was wrapped in a David Hicks blanket. I captioned it: David Hicks Spring 2015 Collection.

What period of design most inspires you? Contemporary.

Your first Instagram: A Wall Street type carrying a Hello Kitty lunchbox. I think he was bringing it to his daughter.

Your secret to social media success: I don’t know if there is a secret. I don’t know where all these people are coming from.

Why don’t you use hashtags? Because I’m 47.

5 favorite accounts to follow: @ideabooksltd, @ryanmcginleystudios, @alba_mont, @petracollins, @shadimichi.

Social media pet peeve: When people who stalk your Instagram and expect to connect in real life. It’s creepy.

Photos: Also Known As @JimWalrod1

Courtesy of @jimwalrod1.

Courtesy of @jimwalrod1.

Courtesy of @jimwalrod1.

Courtesy of @jimwalrod1.

Courtesy of @jimwalrod1.

Courtesy of @jimwalrod1.

Courtesy of @jimwalrod1.