Joe Jonas DJ’ed for Charli XCX

At her Boohoo collaboration launch party.

Charli XCX

“Is this a lit situation?” DJ Emmie Lichtenberg, the BFF of musical artist Charli XCX, asked the crowd Thursday night at Villain, a venue in Williamsburg. “Or as I like to call it: a ‘lit-uation?’” Judging by her shimmering dress and fuzzy pink pom-pom sleeves—all from the Charli XCX collaboration with Boohoo that was being celebrated that evening—the answer was the latter. And the crowd agreed. Having spent most of the evening sucking on bright blue rock candy lollipops and sipping CIROC, the collective sugar rush was palpable. Opening DJ sets from model and It girl Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor as well as from Joe Jonas, who played remixes of songs by The Weeknd, (who is dating his girlfriend, Gigi Hadid’s younger sister, Bella Hadid), were also to thank for the crowd’s high energy.

“What do you call your girlfriend’s sister’s boyfriend? Your boyfriend-in-law?” I asked.

My question went unanswered as Lichtenberg took the stage to introduce the main event. Charli XCX—also dressed, of course, in head-to-toe Boohoo, beret included—then proceeded to play three hit singles. She invited a handful of lucky fans, or “angels,” as she calls them, on to the stage for her last song, “Break the Rules,” which made a girl in a crop top with a unicorn purse very, very happy.

Photos: Joe Jonas DJ’ed for Charli XCX

Charli XCX. Photo by Getty Images.

Joe Jonas. Photo by Getty Images.

Atlanta de Cadenet, Emmieshouse, Charli XCX and Ryn Weaver. Photo by Getty Images.

Atlanta de Cadenet. Photo by Getty Images.

Charli XCX. Photo by Getty Images.

Joe Jonas and DNCE. Photo by Getty Images.