John McCain, in Comey Hearing, Tries to Imply That Hillary Hacked Herself

Senator John McCain somehow took time to divert James Comey’s Testimony back to Hillary Clinton and her e-mails.

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In the 11th hour of former FBI director James Comey’s riveting and historical testimony on Capitol Hill today (and 2 hours and 46 minutes into the video below) Senator John McCain used his opportunity to question Comey to bring up—wait for it—Hillary Clinton.

McCain, 80, struggled to make himself understood. He may not have been in attendance for the rest of the hearing because of all the names previously mentioned—Jeff Sessions, Mike Flynn, Jared Kushner—Clinton’s was not remotely in the mix.

McCain’s questions all seemed intended to draw attention to the fact that investigations surrounding a presidential candidate’s use of a private email server were concluded in July, while investigations into the sitting president’s shady ties to Russia are ongoing. The goal seemed to be to imply that, in closing a case regarding an entirely different matter, for an entirely different person, Comey showed some kind of favoritism to Clinton, an idea probably laughable to a lot of Clinton fans who blame her loss on his investigations).

But that confused idea was presented even more confusedly. Here’s McCain at his MOST cogent:

“At least in the minds [sic] of this [committee] member there’s a whole lot of questions remaining about what went on, particularly considering the fact as you mentioned it’s a quote big deal, as to what went on during the campaign. So I’m glad you concluded that part of the investigation but I [chuckles knowingly] —I think that the American people have a whole lot of questions out there particularly since you just emphasized the role that Russia played. And obviously she was a candidate for president at the time so she was clearly involved in this whole situation. Where fake news. As you just described it. Big deal. Took place. You’re gonna have to help me out here.”

We’re all gonna have to be helped out after that one. Comey eventually has to take pains to explain that Clinton’s campaign has never been accused colluding with Russia, because that would mean that it hacked itself. At one point McCain said “Comey” when he meant “Trump,” and did not correct himself.

Social media instantly exploded regarding what appeared to be a senior moment.

Is it time to start discussing an age ceiling for senators?

Donald Trump Jr. reTweeted this post after the hearing:

So it would seem that McCain’s absurd question, however garbled, is the official party spin. That James Comey was too easy on Hillary Clinton. Let’s see how that goes.

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