While many of us non-celebrities have, from time to time, entertained the idea that we bear a passing resemblance to some A-lister or another, we're unlikely ever to confuse ourselves with the faces on the big screen. Not so for Julia Roberts, though, who does, in fact, sometimes find herself mistaking her own Hollywood doppelgängers for herself. Such, it seems, are the identity-altering perils of fame.

In a thoroughly delightful, altogether charming "Autocomplete Interview" for Wired with Roberts and Dermot Mulroney, her costar in My Best Friend's Wedding, August: Osage County, and now Homecoming, the pair were asked to answer popular Google searches about themselves. When prompted with the query "who does Julia Roberts look like," the pair immediately thought of her niece (Emma Roberts) before Roberts came up with some less obvious comparisons. "Oh, Juliette Binoche!" she said. "And I always think I see myself in magazines, and it turns out I flatter myself, 'cause it's Jennifer Garner." Imagine being so accomplished and in demand that seeing "yourself" in a Neutrogena or Capital One ad that you don't remember signing up for doesn't immediately raise any red flags!

Elsewhere in the interview, Roberts and Mulroney confirmed that they have, indeed, remained best friends since playing them onscreen back in 1997—even if Mulroney has made a habit of waiting approximately 15 years before finally watching his pal's biggest hits. (For what it's worth, when he did get around to watching Pretty Woman, in 2005, he thought it was "terrific.") Mulroney also answered the age-old question, "Is it Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney?" before revealing that, in her spare time, Roberts stays busy by "maintaining her agreement with America to always be young and beautiful." As for how, exactly, she holds up her end of that bargain, Roberts quipped, "Eat well. Love a good man. Happiness, fulfillment." But, she added, "No onions." Noted.

And though Roberts and Mulroney have found plenty of opportunities to team up since costarring in My Best Friend's Wedding, they're not opposed to stepping back into Julianne and Michael's shoes. In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Roberts admitted to wondering what the iconic rom-com's characters would be doing two decades later. "I guess I think maybe it's just because we’re talking about Dermot. But Rupert [Everett] was so funny in My Best Friend's Wedding. I guess Kimmy [Cameron Diaz's character] and Michael are married and they probably have kids. And then there's me and Rupert," she said. Mulroney, too, was into the idea of a sequel: "I'll tell you, that movie has wormed its way further and further under my skin, and I see more and more layers of how it holds meaning and sustains as a piece, and, obviously, it's always been irresistible," he told EW. "I think there's only about four people on Earth who could make a movie like that, and they include Rupert, Cameron, Julia, and me. So, let's have at it."

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