We’re officially in Cancer season, a time of reflection, caretaking, and, yes, lust. The new moon in Cancer on July 13th will be more about sexuality than nostalgia. What we’re saying is this: feel yourself, and be done with your crying. The full moon in Aquarius on July 27th has the potential to reconnect you with an important friendship, or to create a new depth within your romantic relationship. There are so many associations with Cancers and their active emotional lives, but don’t forget about earthly pleasure, which they’re also very good at.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,

The Astro Poets


This month, you may find yourself nostalgic for an old life. You’ll be reminded of an ex or a close friend you don’t see as often as you’d like. Allow yourself the recollection, but keep going with all of your work. You’re about to embark on a new career path or a new opportunity in your current workplace. Remember to keep the people who have always been loyal to you close—they won’t be hard to identify. You may still have questions about love, whether who you’re pursuing is a lifelong partner or not, or if you should take a chance and put yourself out there again. The answer? Yes. Take a chance and put yourself out there. You’re best when you’re at the beginning of something. You’re the vital fire that projects and relationships need to begin. Don’t forget that.


Summer is here in full swing and nothing makes your heart happier. No matter how busy we can be, there’s an easiness to summer, when relaxing tends to be a priority. It certainly is for you, anyway, because if there’s one thing you love as much as working, it’s resting. No matter what your work schedule is like, prepare for some lazy days and leisurely walks. This will do your soul good and leave you open to new things happening on the romance front. No matter your status and commitment level to your current partner, new love will continue to bloom, and feelings of depth will permeate your romantic encounters. There are new horizons for you on the work front, and while you get some rest, you’ll continue to plot and plan for projects to work on next month and beyond.

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It might have just been Gemini season, but it’s been somewhat of a stressful time for you when it comes to friendships. If there has been miscommunication and unresolved fights, July is the month to settle those. Because you’re quite smart and dynamic, you’re no one’s first pick to fight with, but you may need to put your ego aside and do some listening. There’s a lot of positive energy coming your way, but you must be open to it. Let down your walls and ease up on your performative nature at work and with your friends. We know you’re the life of the party, but you also have an immense capacity for empathy. You’ll need to remember that when things get a little bit heated around the end of the month with the full moon in Aquarius. Use your energy to create and forgive rather than to stir anything else up.


You’ll enjoy a month filled with positivity and change. Work will bring you some big travel opportunities. You’ll explore new landscapes, which will become backdrops for the foundations for ideas that will carry you through to the fall. You’re on a road of discovery and set to make new strides both creatively and professionally. Old networks will come back into play and bring you opportunities you couldn’t have foreseen months ago. All of this will of course make you very happy. You’ll show this happiness by giving extremely thoughtful gifts to everyone you know, as you’re a very generous gift-giver. Whatever type of relationship you’re in, you’ll see it deepen, taking things to the next level and potentially spending more time with whoever it may be than ever before. Your heart, which tends to be more fickle than you admit, will be steady and slow as ever to fully commit, but still committed to the goal of love. Look forward to next month, when love will again play a big part.


With your season approaching, all eyes will be on you. This month’s lesson is patience, whether with your creative projects or how you operate in your friendships and relationships. It’s not one of your strongest qualities. You’re such a perfectionist, and oftentimes patience is something you view as a hindrance to your ambition. It isn’t. Slow down with everything, as much as you can. This could mean spending more alone time, or planning a trip to a beach or a garden. Don’t think of everything as work and achievement. The new moon in Cancer will bring up many unresolved feelings about a close friend, but instead of trying to ignore them, get in touch with that person and reveal your heart. They’ll likely have many things to say to you, and even if things remain unresolved, you’ll feel better for having reached out. As usual, career-wise, you have many plans for the rest of the year. When haven’t you accomplished what you’ve set out to do? Be kind to yourself, Leo.


The last few weeks have been all about work for you, which doesn’t necessarily make you unhappy. If you were to be honest, work is the thing that drives most of your actions; you get excited about the idea of dutiful effort that yields immense results. Your career sphere is growing, and all of the foundations you’ve been building are continuing to pay off, albeit more slowly than you’d like them to. Your role as a healer among your friends plays a big part in your everyday life, but instead of zapping your energy this month, that’ll bring you more of it. In terms of love, you’re coasting along, but happily, as you’re using the ease of summer to figure out more about your partner(s) and what drives them. You’re drawn to independent types who don’t need you, but then can get unhappy at this very trait. This month will bring a few new people, either friends or lovers, like this into your life, and you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to devote your time to them. Spoiler alert: you will.


Something has finally clicked about your domestic life and career path. You’ve been feeling more grounded. However, it’s led you to a new kind of anxiety—one about love. With the new moon in Cancer coming up mid-month, it would really benefit you to lean into your feelings, and to leave the cerebral and ordered world you love. This is the time. Everything else in your life is falling into place, but love is not a set path. It’s messy. And you can handle messy, but you have to remind yourself not to shut down. If you’re in a relationship, let your partner take more of the lead this month. If you’re looking for someone, put yourself out there in less expected places, and keep your aura more carefree. We know you’re serious, Libra. You overthink everything, down to what flowers are in the room. With love, though, you’ll have to give up some control. Start this July.


For you, this month’s theme will be boredom. Although you thrive on consistency and stability, you’re also deeply attracted to excitement and change. These two sides of your nature are conflicting, producing bursts of restlessness and impulsiveness that are usually short-lived. This July, you’ll tend to feel a little bit too buttoned-up for your liking and will continue to stretch your wings toward new experiences. The short-term effects of this will be a few wild nights, which you might later partially regret. The long-term effects of this will be a longing for an everyday life that you can own and control more fully. Of course, this has to do with love and your current relationship, but it’s also relevant to your career. You may seek out a new beginning with your job, which may give you the jolt that you desire.


You may have noticed your mind leaping to the future, weighing worst- and best-case scenarios for things that may not even happen. There’s a lot of nervous energy around you this month, Sagittarius. It’s not necessarily negative, but it’ll test how you relate to yourself and how sure you are of your own convictions, which you perform so well in public. Everyone sees you as the strong, mercurial fire sign—which you are. But you’ll be surprised how much generosity and understanding you’ll receive if you let others know about your anxieties. You’re not exactly the sign that has an easy time taking advice, because you simply don’t. But letting a friend listen to you unpack all the scenarios running through your mind right now will be more helpful than you know. Around the middle of the month, with the new moon, is a good time for that. Lean on your friends. We know you’ll do it in your cool, casual way, but do it.


Last month was a time of new awakenings for you. Your life always has an air of stability about it, but sometimes, your seemingly ironclad foundations can be built on shaky ground. Part of this is because you can be so sensible with your choices and pursue the safe route, but then harbor hidden passions about what you really want, which can affect many areas of your life. This month, your hidden goals for projects that may not be lucrative will emerge and you’ll see a way to be the person who you want to be. You should feel encouraged to pursue these passions and start mapping out a plan to incorporate them into your life, whether simply taking a class or seeking out a new job. Remember that you’re a leader and leaders set the course. New paths look a little strange at first, but with time, they become seemingly inevitable. Take the time some nights this month to do a little prayer to the moon to let you become the brilliant blue butterfly you’ve always been.


This is going to be an emotional summer for you, as well as an emotional month. Think of it as a way to get closer to the truth. You may find yourself asked to confront certain dramas in your friendships that you’ve entertained for months, or even years, which will surface with the full moon in Aquarius at the end of this month. Remember that you’re ultimately a peacemaker. You’re a highly intuitive sign, and you gravitate toward new ways of looking at things. This month, trust that intuition in your interpersonal dynamics and don’t be afraid to be blunt and tell people exactly how you see things. No one will abandon or scold you; you’ve proven your loyalty. And if you lead with your heart, and don’t perform that calculated indifference that you’re so good at, you’ll gain a new depth or meaningful connection with someone who’s already important to you.


Summer has been good to you and will continue to this month. You have a knack for knowing things right before they happen, which can lead to some anxiety. This July, though, part of your nervous energy will fall away as you fall more deeply in love with life. You were in a state of romantic swooning last month, and this month should be more of the same, although you’ll find yourself starting to get annoyed with your partner at times. Your tendency to get critical and angry is understandable, but it can be unproductive and waste time. Whenever you get annoyed, then, instead try to walk away and recharge. You’ll feel better about both the relationship and yourself. You’re reaching a period of innovation when it comes to your career prospects. Your essence is pure light and charm, so use it sparingly. Most of the world can’t handle how awesome you are.

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