Justin Bieber Wants to Convert a Generation of Beliebers Into Natural Deodorant Users

Justin Bieber announced his plans to collaborate with Schmidt’s Naturals for his own line of natural deodorant.

Photo courtesy of @justinbieber.

The natural deodorant discourse online can be overwhelming, but a somewhat surprising character has decided to hop on this bandwagon to set the record straight: Justin Bieber.

In just a few clicks online, you might quickly become inundated with lists that attempt to suss out the best natural deodorant, or the best natural deodorant that actually works, or the best natural deodorant that doesn’t stain your clothes. Regular antiperspirants can contain chemical ingredients like aluminum compounds, which have been the subject of scrutiny in the health community. Some say that aluminum-based ingredients are linked to breast cancer, but those claims are still a little murky. What can be proven, though, is that antiperspirants work because the aluminum ingredients temporarily clog pores and stop bacteria, which in the very least can be irritating to sensitive skin.

So now we have a bunch of natural deodorant companies vying for our attention every which way, selling products that are chemical-free but might not necessarily always stop the body from sweating as much as an antiperspirant could. In order to convince a natural-deodorant skeptic to try the product, it seems like all you have to do is get the right celebrity to endorse it, and that’s where Bieber comes in.

Celebrity-endorsed perfumes? Those are outdated. It’s all about celebrity-endorsed natural deodorants now. With his arms outstretched and pits exposed, the singer announced via Instagram that he would be collaborating with Schmidt’s Naturals on a natural deodorant called “Here + Now.” For the uninitiated, Schmidt’s deodorant is a natural, plant-based product that contains no chemicals and instead opts for baking soda and plant powders to absorb sweat.

According to Michael Cammarata, the CEO of Schmidt’s Naturals, Bieber’s deodorant is going to be called “Here + Now” because “it speaks to being present in your daily life. It’s more than just a deodorant; it’s a lifestyle and a connection to those around you. It’s about the small, but intentional choices we make every day that help us lead happier and healthier lives, mentally and physically.” If they say cleanliness is next to godliness, then certainly the goal of smelling good and sweating less can be part of that spiritual journey. But there’s still one question that remains on our minds: What could “Here + Now” possibly smell like? Schmidt’s offers a few fragrance options, like bergamot and lime or rose and vanilla. It also already has a lavender-and-sage, cedarwood-and-juniper, and ylang-ylang-and-calendula scent. There is even a fragrance-free version, and a product for extra-sensitive skin that uses magnesium instead of baking soda. Bieber’s iconic “Girlfriend” perfume had notes of mandarin and blackberry, but he’s grown up since 2012 and seems like the type to go for a more rustic scent. Whatever it smells like, surely Hailey Bieber—a person who must be in close proximity to Bieber more often than anyone else—will let him know if it’s working.

Bieber also wouldn’t be the first celebrity to be sponsored by Schmidt’s; even Jane Goodall announced a partnership with Schmidt’s for her own line of natural deodorant, with a fragrance inspired by lily of the valley, her favorite flower.

So it turns out that what we needed from Bieber all along was not the track he recently released with Ed Sheeran but the announcement that he intends to convert a whole generation of natural deodorant skeptics into believers.

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