Pop star, Selena Gomez paramour, Californian transplant from Canada Justin Bieber can now add painter to his résumé. The devoted follower of Christ has made an original painting of a cross floating in front of storm clouds that he is selling to benefit, per his Instagram post, "WILDFIRES IN CA." One assumes that means the victims, firefighters, or perhaps the rebuilding efforts. The painting is titled Calvary, and while it's unclear exactly how or where or for how much Bieber is selling it (maybe DM him?), it should fetch a pretty penny. The post about it has already racked up over a million and a half likes, and Britney Spears recently sold a painting (to benefit victims of the Las Vegas shooting) for 10 thousand dollars. Hers was of flowers and squiggles, which is kinda the Britney version of the cross.

Bieber's inaugural work appears to be spray paint on wood, or perhaps a thin canvas. A paint can and scissors litter the floor of his studio, and the cross has a drippy effect going on as it floats in front of storm clouds and green hills. The green hills appear to have been painted with a thicker pigment, perhaps acrylic or oils, and are possibly still wet. And now we have officially exhausted my roster of art-related words. Um. Forced perspective. There you go.

Bieber often uses his Instagram platform to promote love and worship. His bio links to a video about Christianity and he regularly posts musings about God. Dictionary.com defines "Calvary" as "1. Golgotha, the place where Jesus was crucified. Luke 23:33.; 2. (often lowercase) a sculptured representation of the Crucifixion, usually erected in the open air.; 3. (lowercase) an experience or occasion of extreme suffering, especially mental suffering."

Maybe the cross is bringing the storm clouds to put out the fire, make the California hills green again with rain and ease the suffering of everyone? I totally get art.

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