Which Iteration of Justin Theroux Do You Most Identify With? Take a Deep Dive Into His Instagram to Find Out

He’s more than just Jennifer Aniston’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, okay?

Stephane Cardinale/Corbis/Getty Images

As we collectively mourn the end of the relationship between Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston, it’s important to remember that they really were a cute couple. It’s also comforting to know that even though their breakup was surprising, it wasn’t messy or dramatic (they are reportedly still on speaking terms), and both parties remain amicable.

But Theroux is more than just Jennifer Aniston’s ex. He’s been around! For decades, the actor has repeatedly made a name for himself with small yet crucial roles in cult classics like Mulholland Drive and American Psycho, participated in the rite of passage that is playing a leading man in a schmaltzy romantic comedy (the 2007 film Broken English with Parker Posey, for example), had an underrated arc as Rachel Griffiths’s French-horn-playing love interest on Six Feet Under, and finally got the respect he deserves for his performance on three seasons of HBO’s The Leftovers. So, even if you’re still hurting over his breakup with Aniston, or still struggling to figure out whether his last name is pronounced “the-row” or “the-roo” (he hasn’t figured that one out yet either), here is your chance to celebrate all of the different versions of Justin Theroux, as demonstrated by the actor himself on his Instagram.

Devoted Husband Theroux

Any naysayers who doubted Theroux’s love for Aniston when they were together clearly never followed him on Instagram, because he comes across as a devoted admirer of Aniston with every selfie or portrait of his lady.

Hypebeast Theroux

You may not realize this just by looking at him, but Theroux is also a low-key hype-beast. From sitting with the photographer Petra Collins at Adam Selman’s fall 2018 show during Fashion Week to his attempts at referencing memes, the 46-year-old actor clearly wants to keep up with the culture of the youth. And if you need more evidence, there is also the Supreme sticker on his gold fixie bike.

Alternative Career Path Theroux

Watch out, David Muir: There is a hottie wannabe reporter just itching to take your spot. In September 2017, Theroux shared this snap indicating that, in another life, the actor might have forged an alternative career as a journalist.

‘70s Stache Theroux

Theroux is the rare type of man who actually looks good enough with this ‘70s-inspired facial accoutrement that he could leave his ‘stache as is and still not come across as creepy.

Animal Lover Theroux

In case you didn’t know, Theroux is a total dog lover, and everyone knows you can tell how good a person is based on how much he or she loves dogs. The actor and his ex have yet to sort out custody details for the pup they share, but he’s still committed to making sure these other animals are adopted.

Baby Greaser Theroux

The actor has been wearing those leather jackets since he was 14 years old, so you know he’s had time to work on perfecting that James Dean greaser look. His intense stare is ever present, but the slicked-back jet-black hair appears to have officially been introduced into his look after his teen years.

Pyro Theroux

There is no explanation for this video on Theroux’s Instagram (and there do not appear to be many others of this ilk), but suddenly I have the urge to buy fireworks for my next New Year’s Eve celebration.

Literary Theroux

Theroux took a trip to Paris in February 2016 and visited the graves of Oscar Wilde and Colette at Père Lachaise Cemetery‎, like any good sensitive intellectual would do.

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