Kaia Gerber Got Another Mysterious Tattoo

The 17-year-old showed off her newest body art.


While many of us celebrated Christmas in a chilly location—even Los Angeles dropped below poolside weather—Kaia Gerber spent the holiday sunning it up in a bikini, which showed off her latest tattoo. The 17-year-old model and daughter of Cindy Crawford coyly shared her new body art with her followers on Instagram, posting a photo of her lounging midway through a book, with the caption, “The holidays will do that to you.”

Even though Gerber didn’t directly call out her new tattoo, her followers quickly picked up on the design, which sits on the side of her ribcage. Like the other tattoo she shared a photo of this past October, the ink is faint and delicate enough to miss, if you aren’t looking closely. This tattoo appears to be an ornate drawing, unlike the cursive tattoo on the inside of her arm which spells her middle name, Jordan. Like that tattoo, Gerber didn’t exactly announce to the world that she had gotten inked: she instead posted a photo, calling attention to something entirely unrelated, but leaving a glimpse of her tattoo in the frame nonetheless.

Back in October when she quietly revealed her middle name tattoo with a photo of her throwing up a peace sign and the caption, “just coming on here to say I don’t think enough people talk about the weather these days,” her tattoo artist Rafael Valdez confirmed that she had indeed gotten inked. He shared photos of Gerber mid-tattoo, as well as of her brother Presley getting another tattoo.

Valdez hasn’t shared any other footage of Gerber that could have been from her latest tattoo session, so it’s unknown when she got the one on her ribcage. While many are noting that this is her second tattoo, though, it may actually be her third. After Gerber met up with Valdez, she posted a photo of herself holding a painting palette on top of her crossed legs, revealing what might be a tiny spaceship on one of her leg.

Either way, her mom and dad would have had to sign off on her tattoos as the minimum age to get one in California is 18 years old. Perhaps her latest was a Christmas present? After all, what else would she want that she couldn’t just get herself?