It appears 2018 just may be the year of the fashion beard. Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld just debuted chin whiskers, a somewhat startling change for a man whose look hasn't changed since the 90's. The beard made its debut on the Instagram of Suzy Menkes, fashion writer for Vogue, who posted a picture of herself with Lagerfeld with the caption, "So KARL has an exciting new facial accessory. But TRAGICALLY I cannot copy it ....At Dior Homme, Paris."

But Menkes needn't fret! Fake beards and mustaches are available for purchase on Amazon{: rel=nofollow}, and if The Greatest Showman is anything to go by, bearded ladies are now in. (Side note: The Greatest Showman is legitimately very fun, don't listen to the haters.)

Lagerfeld's snow white beard adds more gravitas to a man who probably doesn't need it, but we're not so sure other designers can pull off the same rugged facial hair. Mostly, they've successfully stuck to the artful stubble (see: Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford). Although Rick Owens could probably own a Gandalf beard, no probelm. Wow, wouldn't that be fun.

Besides tending to his beard, Lagerfeld is busy designing a capsule collection with his muse of the moment, teen runway queen Kaia Gerber. The collection, which includes "ready-to-wear, footwear, and accessories like jewelry and sunglasses," won't hit stores until September, at which point Lagerfeld's beard might be chest length. It'll 'meld Lagerfeld's "Parisian chic' aesthetic with Gerber's 'signature West Coast casual style'," which, yeah, a fashion beard is very Parisian chic meets West Coast Casual. So far so good.

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