Keanu Reeves Claims He Had No Idea the Internet Loves Him

“That’s, uh…that’s wacky.”

Keanu Reeves
Davey Adesida

At this point, failing to notice that Keanu Reeves has been everywhere lately would be something of an accomplishment. Over the past few months, the 54-year-old actor has appeared on-screen in roles as varied as John Wick and a parody of himself; been named the new face of Saint Laurent; and, most recently, been dutifully promoting his upcoming film Toy Story 4. Oh, and he’s also gone viral for everything from posing for photos with women to buying ice cream to responding to a question about what happens after death.

And yet, someone has failed to notice: none other than Keanu Reeves himself. At least to the point that he appears to have never heard of the term “Internet boyfriend” until a reporter from People asked him how he felt about being “dubbed” one on Tuesday, at the Los Angeles premiere of Toy Story 4.

“I’ve been what?” he asked, leaning to turn his ear closer to the reporter. To be fair to Reeves, the term is a bit antiquated at this point—it hit its peak between 2016 and 2017—but if anyone fits the bill at the moment, it’s probably Keanu Reeves.

“Everyone is just kind of gushing over you on the Internet,” the reporter explained. “You didn’t know that yet?”

“No. That’s, uh,” he said, pausing to laugh. “That’s wacky.”

Reeves did seem to appreciate hearing that “it’s all good things” that have been said about him online. “Well, the positivity’s great,” he added. “It’s really special how John Wick was embraced.”

The actor sounded much more excited about getting to voice the character of Duke Caboom, Toy Story 4‘s daredevil motorcyclist. He was so excited, in fact, that he jumped onto a table at Pixar when he first learned of the role. “I just kind of got inspired,” Reeves recalled. “The character’s so full of life.”

Duke Caboom, Keanu Reeves’s character in *Toy Story 4* (2019).

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