Basketball player Ben Simmons and his girlfriend, model Kendall Jenner may both be young, powerful, and super famous, but apparently their dating habits are of the decidedly mundane and milquetoast variety. Indeed, the young couple's courtship is not playing out across Hollywood nightclubs or fashion week after-parties, but rather in the types of places you might find any other young adult couple on any giving Saturday night: a suburban shopping mall. Namely the Cherry Hill Mall in New Jersey.

Per Jezebel, over the weekend the low-key couple stopped buy "the Best Buy" at "the Wegman’s shopping center at the location of the old racetrack" and also "Cherry Hill Mall," which is close to Center City, which is where Simmons, who plays for the nearby Philadelphia 76ers, lives. They also "dined at the Grand Lux Cafe" which is essentially a slightly more upscale offering from the same folks that brought you The Cheesecake Factory. So, mall culture is officially back! Amazon may have decimated the mid-market chain stores and social media may have put an end to teenagers' need to gather at a shopping center just to look at one another after school, but by hook and by crook, the American Mall is coming back. Kendall Jenner is an influencer, and if she says we are doing mall dates with out boyfriends, then mall dates with our boyfriends we shall do.

Indeed, much like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, have made theme parks their thing, Simmons and the elder Jenner seem to have made suburban mall hangouts their trademark date. Perhaps we shouldn't be too surprised. Despite traveling the world for fashion week after fashion week (and not to mention Keeping Up With The Kardashians vacation episode after Keeping Up With The Kardashians vacation episode), Jenner is still a Calabasas girl at heart. Indeed, for the longest time the most reliable place where paparazzi could get a shot of Jenner was at The Commons at Calabasas mall. Maybe, despite all the rumors and rancor surrounding her dating life, she's just been waiting to find a man willing to keep things low key, take her to the mall, and buy her dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe.

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