Kendall Jenner Has a New Pet Snake That Enjoys Hanging Out in Her Hair

Jenner showed off what appears to be the newest addition to the Kardashian family on her Instagram Stories.

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Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

The image of the snake, sinuous and sneaky, holds a very particular place in the Kardashian iconography. Kim Kardashian West unleashed a horde of snake emojis on one Taylor Swift after Swift denied that she had given Kanye West her blessing to go ahead and drop her name in his song “Famous”; Swift reappropriated the image ahead of the release of her latest album, Reputation, and brought a 63-foot-long snake (not real) named Karyn on tour with her. Khloé Kardashian must have been obliquely referring to Jordyn Woods when she wrote in her Instagram Stories, “No matter how much a snake sheds its skin. It’s still a snake.” It’s sort of an unofficial mascot for the family and those who cross them.

This couldn’t have been far from Kendall Jenner’s mind when she elected to wrap a small snake in her bun Sunday night. According to People, Jenner had posted a video of the snake—which looks to be an albino California king snake—to her Instagram Stories earlier, captioned “my son”; a subsequent video on her Instagram Stories shows her long, slender, pale pink new son entwined in her hair, looking dead-eyed into the camera. Whether Jenner and this snake are just hanging out, à la Salma Hayek and her owl, or are in a committed owner-pet relationship is unclear, but the caption “my son” makes us think this is for keeps.

Kendall Jenner’s snake in her bun, on Instagram, March 2019.

Jenner’s new pet is a distinct upgrade from the snake-shaped statement earrings she wore to a recent Philadelphia 76ers–Los Angeles Lakers basketball game. (Since she’s dating the 76ers’ own Ben Simmons, Jenner might be the only one within Los Angeles city limits who doesn’t exclusively stan the Lakers.) And from the massive snake-shaped temporary tattoo that wrapped up her thigh for a recent V magazine shoot, body art that would make even Pete Davidson envious. Taylor Swift might have Karyn, but Kendall Jenner’s snake, you know, is alive.