Some franchises simply refuse to die. Harry Potter is somehow still happening, Disney will squeeze every last drop out of juice out of the fruit of Star Wars it can, and Sex And The City... well, the third one isn't happening, but the drama surrounding it is endless and ongoing. It's a real she said-she said.

Basically, stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall never got along very well, due to, depending whom you believe, Cattrall's diva-ness, Parker's mean girl-ness, or, in all likelihood, the fact that sometimes people aren't best friends. But they were able to set their differences aside for long enough to make (and collect paychecks for) six seasons of television and two movies, one of which was good. But some time after the sequel, it seems, things came to a breaking point, because as much as fans (and creators!) wanted to make a third SATC movie, Kim Cattrall just won't do it. This is because, again, depending on whom you believe, she wants money or she just doesn't feel like making the movie. Here's everything we know about the current state of the feud, in case, like Carrie Bradshaw, you couldn't help but wonder:

· Cattrall said her decision not to return to playing Samantha was
"empowering." She's 61 and done with that particular project.

· Parker definitely wanted to do the movie. She's
"heartbroken" that it isn't happening.

· Kim had no problem with someone else taking over the role of
Samantha, like say, Ellen (though wouldn't Portia be a better fit?):

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There were reports floating around that Cattrall was holding up
contract negotiations because she wanted more money or for the studio
to make her other projects; she denied all of it in an interview with
Piers Morgan, while Parker told a number of outlets that, basically,
they had a script and everyone was down but somebody just couldn't
get on board.

· Tweets were tweeted, shade was shaded,

· Kristin Davis (in true Charlotte form) didn't say anything negative
but was disappointed, and Willie Garson (in true Stanford form) was
basically like "SJP is telling the truth, Kim is not."


· Then Cattrall said that Parker "could have been nicer" in the aftermath of the whole I-don't-wanna-do-the-movie situation.

· So far, so fun. Who doesn't love a hot mess of backstage drama? As 2017 came to a close, it looked like SATC3 was really dead and done, because once the Washington Post is writing about celebrity gossip, it's over, right?Sadly, no. Just today, this feud took on a rather grave dimension when Cattrall accused Parker of trying to exploit her brother's death to restore
her image. Kim's brother, Chris Cattrall, died recently after going
missing, and though at first Cattrall expressed gratitude that her
former co-workers were reaching out at a difficult time, she just
posted an Instagram accusing Parker (who said that she'd put hard
feelings aside to offer condolences to Cattrall) of making the
situation worse and being a hypocrite.


Seems like that settles that. I mean, I'm a pretty big SATC fan,
but I definitely don't want to see either of these two incredibly
talented actresses in the same scene or on the same set unless
there's been a miraculous reconciliation. The point of the show is
friendship, and if they feel that hurt and betrayed by one another, I
say let it rest.

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