Kim Kardashian and Her One-Year-Old, Chicago West, Already Have Matching Cars

Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian.

Courtesy of @kimkardashian

Having confirmed that a new addition to their family is on the way, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have returned to one of their favorite activities: doting on their existing children. The first birthday party of their daughter Chicago West on Tuesday may have appeared low-key, but unsurprisingly enough, by the end of the night, they’d taken things up a notch, with a little help from the rest of the family.

The biggest contribution by far came from Kourtney Kardashian, who took center stage as a true exemplar of American excess by giving the one-year-old a neon yellow Mercedes G-Wagon to “match mommy,” as Kim put it on her Instagram Stories. While this one is admittedly a bit smaller in size, giving neon yellow cars to each other now appears to have become something of a family tradition: Kim’s regular-size—which is to say, supersize—version of the SUV was in fact a gift from Kanye, on the simple occasion of making sure she’d properly coordinated the outfit she wore the wedding of 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward in Miami, which they attended last summer. Attend they did, and quite notably at that: even though Kim was in neon, West soon made headlines for his own ensemble of comparatively teeny Yeezy slides and socks. (According to Kanye, he was simply wearing his footwear “the Japanese way.”)

As the family’s resident expert in neon SUVs, Kanye naturally took care to examine the car on Tuesday, which Chicago and Saint had already piled into. (North West chose to take a seat on top.) Extravagant as she was, Kourtney did not, however, match up to Kanye’s other gift to Kim: a $14 million beachfront Miami condo.

Kanye West with his daughter Chicago West and her new car.

Courtesy of @kimkardashian

Of course, that wasn’t the only gift that Chicago received: she also had some snacks for the road, thanks to North’s gift of a plate of homemade cookies.

North West’s birthday gift to her sister, Chicago West.

Courtesy of @kimkardashian

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