Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner Got an Odd Reception at the Emmys

The audience laughed at the two as they presented an award.

71st Emmy Awards - Show
Amy Sussman/WireImage

Last night, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner went to the Emmy Awards to present the award for Outstanding Reality Competition Program. (RuPaul deservedly won.) Kim, clad in black velvet Vivienne Westwood and jewels from Jadelle Beverly Hills, and Kendall, in a straight off the runway Richard Quinn latex turtleneck gown, began to give what seemed to be a pretty standard presentation. But the speech didn’t exactly go as planned.

Kim started things off, saying that “our family knows first-hand how truly compelling television comes from real people, just being themselves.” And then the audience erupted into laughter. It was loud enough that it was picked up by the broadcast.

Kendall pushed through, piping in her own line, that compelling television comes from people “telling their stories, unfiltered and unscripted.” They both seemed pretty unfazed, if slightly irritated. Kim did not seem to be telling a joke, though you never know–dedicated KUWTK fans will note that she does have a dry sense of humor.

It was a real cringe-inducing moment, and a bit sad to witness; for all their money and success, the Kardashians still don’t garner much respect from the entertainment industry. But, in fairness to the (kind of mean) Emmys audience, it is amusing to have the star of a reality franchise boast about “real people, just being themselves.” Keeping Up with the Kardashians, like every major reality series, is frequently called out for scripting plots, faking storylines, and re-taping important moments.

It was Kendall’s first-ever Emmys, and Kim’s first time attending the ceremony since 2009 (sister Kylie Jenner was supposed to attend as well, but was sick). “I was just looking back at footage and I came in 2009 and sang this little bit about reality shows with Jimmy Fallon when he hosted and it was super embarrassing,” she told Giuliana Rancic on E!’s Live from the Red Carpet. It may still have been better than last night.