Go Inside the Kardashian Family’s Last Party of Summer 2018

There was guacamole, watermelon, and beer pong.

Even the Kardashians need a day off from work every September, but although yesterday was Labor Day, Kim Kardashian made sure that everybody involved in the long-weekend celebration would have some sort of job. There was beer, there were hot dogs, there was guacamole, and all of that food was not going to prepare itself, according to Kardashian, who filmed the holiday prep in the kitchen.

“Kourtney made this delicious guac,” Kardashian narrated in a stream of videos for her 116 million followers on Instagram. Kourtney Kardashian revealed on her own Instagram Stories that the guacamole recipe came from none other than Kris Jenner, who was notably absent from the Labor Day shenanigans (as were Khloé Kardashian and Kylie Jenner, though Jenner’s best friend Jordyn Woods made her appearance toward the end of the function, according to Instagram Stories).

Bella Hadid joined the Kardashian family for their holiday celebration, only to be placed on watermelon duty. Kardashian complimented on her watermelon-slicing skills, adding that this was apparently the first time she’d ever carved up a watermelon, which is hard to believe, but it doesn’t seem like something worth lying about in the first place, so we’ll take it.

Hairstylist Jen Atkin brought the homemade banana bread for dessert (although she was asked by Kardashian, “Are you sure you didn’t steal that from Chrissy’s house?”), while another friend of the family drilled a hole in a small watermelon and poured tequila inside of it (this really amused Kim, who thought the goal was to sip it with a straw rather than let the fruit soak up all of the liquor).

Kim Kardashian/Instagram Stories
Kendall Jenner

And, of course, everyone wore their Labor Day whites, except for one guest. Luka Sabbat showed up wearing all black (and a turtleneck, even though the Calabasas temperatures were soaring toward 90 degrees). “It’s very conceptual,” he joked when Kardashian prodded about his sartorial decision before heading outside to play with one of the Kardashians’ pups.

Also outside, Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and singer-songwriter Charlotte Lawrence played beer pong in their bikinis and ate cake for the last hurrah before Fashion Week kicks off in New York. All in a day’s work.

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