After decisively winning the first day of Hallo-weekend with her Cher ensemble (feat. Jonathan Cheban as Sonny Bono), Kim Kardashian West managed to top herself on Saturday, October 28, by dressing as the once and future queen of pop music: Madonna. She and byher sister Kourtney Kardashian as the king, Michael Jackson, Kim channeled Madge and MJ's looks from the 1991 Academy Awards, the year "Sooner or Later" was nominated. We're also getting hints of a Marilyn Monroe vibe from the outfit; maybe something Kim could consider next year? Kim's Cher outfit was also modeled off an Oscars red carpet look (from 1973) so, hmm, sensing a theme here. Both Cher and Madonna wore Bob Mackie gowns for the event.

Kim posted videos of herself and her sister dancing and voguing to Michael Jackson and madonna songs, as well as pictures of her inspiration for the look.

In a silvery beaded dress with a white fur stole, glittery necklace, blonde wig, red lip and one white glove, Kim nailed her Madonna costume, and Kourtney really did resemble Jackson, with curled hair, black gloves, white blazer (with black arm band!) and black leather-y pants. Plus, of course, dancing shoes.

Kim promised a more in-depth look at her "glam process" on her app, though we have to imagine a team of highly skilled and highly paid professionals making your outfit and doing your makeup is pretty much the main key to her continued Halloween success.

And yes, there's a reason Kim dressed as a singer again. Her theme this year is musical icons, and she actually didn't stop at two...

...she also dressed as the late, great Aaliyah:

Perhaps she was testing this look out for a future event. After all, Halloween isn't actually until Tuesday.

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