Ever since it was confirmed by director Patty Jenkins that Saturday Night Live alum and Bridesmaids star/co-writer Kristen Wiig would be playing Diana's nemesis Cheetah in the sequel to Wonder Woman, the internet has been debating whether or not the actress has what it takes for the role.

Though she's proved her mettle with a series of dramatic parts in films over the past few years, some still doubt whether she's right for such an iconic comic book character. But you don't even need to have seen her critically acclaimed performances in Welcome to Me or The Skeleton Twins, because we've rounded up six SNL sketches and characters that prove Wiig is perfect for the role:

1. Penelope

Villains are all about the big speech, loudly proclaiming their greatness and always getting in the last word. They love to monologue and they love to lie, both skills Wiig perfected with her just-left-of-sociopath character Penelope, habitual hyperbolizer (a word I just made up and that you should feel free to spread around).

2. Rebecca Larue the Flirting Expert

Self-proclaimed "slut" Rebecca has that potent combination of smarts, fearlessness, and horniness that makes a villain compelling. Not that Wonder Woman needs flirting lessons.

3. Dooneese

Dooneese is so much creepier than anything Marvel or D.C. could ever invent, and Wiig knocks it out of the park every time.

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4. Whiskers R We

Obviously, the ability to interact with cats is vital to any portrayal of a character named Cheetah, and Wiig and her Ghostbusters co-star Kate McKinnon are both ultra-feline.

5. Barbie

The most iconic female character of all time, end of story, good night.

6. Red Flag Perfume


Okay, so maybe SNL isn't exactly the same as a superhero movie, but if Wiig can play all these characters and more, she can definitely handle Cheetah. And if you are somehow still not convinced, or just need a laugh, there is more evidence of Wiig's full range of creepy, wackily sinister villainy in her famous characters "Gilly," Christine "Not A Witch" O'Donnell and "Aw Nuts! Mom's A Ghost."

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