Kylie Jenner’s Rococo Milkmaid Post-Birthday Look Is Very On Brand

Could there be a more appropriate aesthetic for a living symbol of American excess?

Photo courtesy of @kyliejenner.

As Kylie Jenner‘s weeklong birthday celebration continues, the party is moving locations.

Via mega-yacht, Jenner has brought her family and friends from the coast of Italy to the south of France, according to her Instagram post she shared on Wednesday with the caption “Baby we should hit the South of France✨,” a reference to “I Won” by Future featuring Kanye West. The next line in the song? “So you could run around without them pants.” And pants-less she is for this portion of her birthday vacation. It should be noted that Jenner—along with her sisters, Kendall Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian—are name dropped later in the song about turning your girl into your trophy wife. (The eldest Kardashian sibling also used the same lyrics to caption a photo of herself when she was on vacation in Cassis two years ago. You can’t say they don’t keep things in the family!)

In the photo, Jenner posed in a rococo corseted milkmaid dress with a floral pattern, looking like a Jean Baptiste Greuze painting from the 1700s. This style blurs the lines of the high and the low, much like Jenner herself. The highly feminine milkmaid dress says “I’m a down-to-earth country girl,” while the pearl embellished sunglasses denote a surfeit of luxury (and surely to imagine a scenario in which Jenner actually does the manual labor of milking a cow is to conjure up a scene of comedy). It may be a little on the nose, but it is a look that could not be more fitting for this living symbol of American excess.

Her boyfriend Travis Scott joined her while (once again) wearing that rare Phoebe Philo-era Celine blouse West wore to his 2011 Coachella performance.

This isn’t even the first time during her birthday bash that Jenner has built in an 18th century European aesthetic into her wardrobe. She had a whole mommy and me moment the other day, where she and her daughter were dripped out in matching blue gowns.

Jenner tagged the brands that made her accessories—Gucci for the pearl-lined shades, Hermès for the pink clutch, Bottega Vaneta for the white leather slides, and even Fendi for baby Stormi Webster‘s stroller—but not the brand that created her dress. However, a fan blog dedicated to stalking Jenner’s closet has already done the digging for you and identified the dress as a piece from Duygu Ay Collection if you want to dress like a rococo Marie Antoinette-inspired milkmaid like Jenner.

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