Kylie Jenner Teases “Baby #2,” But She Isn’t Actually Pregnant

After celebrating Stormi’s first birthday, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott look closer than ever.

kylie jenner travis scott relationship.jpg

There’s nothing to spice up a romance like celebrating your child’s first birthday, apparently. Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, parents to Stormi Webster, now one year old, spent Friday “raging” with their first daughter—even a storm in the forecast couldn’t totally dampen the festivities, apparently, which included farm animals, lots of balloons, and Stormi-branded merch. On Saturday, Jenner posted a follow-up to the party: a photo of herself and Scott sitting on the stairs, exact location unclear but likely in Jenner’s California home. (When was this taken? When are they going to Atlanta?)

In the photo, Jenner sits one step up from Scott; he leans into her arms and she rests her cheek on his shoulder. (In a previous post, a similar setup but with only Jenner in the frame, she’s clearly wearing AstroWorld merch.) It’s all very tender looking, but it’s really the caption that’s got people’s attention: “baby #2?” she wrote beside the post.

The short answer is no; Jenner was quick to dispel any actual rumors that she’s pregnant in the comments. A follower asked, quite simply, “Are you pregnant,” to which Jenner responded, “no lol.” So that’s that.

One obvious interpretation of the caption is that it alludes to the clear attraction between them. That is, they’re ready to make baby #2. But another commenter had an alternate theory: “y’all are dumb, she’s referring to him”—Scott, that is—“as baby #2.” Another put it similarly: “Does she man [sic] she wants another baby or travis is her baby? So confused.” There’s a third option, too: Kylie Jenner, press-savvy beauty mogul that she is, is aware of the occasional rumors that she’s planning for a second baby. Like, for example, how Us Weekly quoted an anonymous source two months ago saying that Jenner and Scott “want to expand their family … way sooner than people expect.” And she’s trolling us.

Whatever her actual meaning, she’s got plenty of support in the matter: As of time of publication, the post had been liked more than 7 million times, including by Jenner’s sisters Kendall and Kim Kardashian, by Bella Hadid, and by Beyoncé protégées Chloe and Halle Bailey.