Why Stormi Webster’s First Birthday Party Was Not As Over-the-Top As Expected

There was still Stormi merch and a fleet of farm animals to play with.

Photo by @kyliejenner.

Well, we may have spoken too soon: Yesterday, it looked like Kylie Jenner was going all out for her daughter Stormi Webster’s first birthday, with a party plan months in the making; now, it appears that things have been dialed back a bit.

“We were supposed to have Stormi’s birthday party this weekend. It’s not happening,” Jenner said in a video posted to her Instagram stories late Friday. “It was supposed to rain, and it’s not raining anymore.” Here, Travis Scott bends in for a kiss. “It didn’t end up raining, but it’s alright, better safe than sorry,” she went on. “We have all her presents here, everybody who loves her. We’re playing with farm animals.” (She also took a moment to shill the Valentine’s Day-themed Kylie Cosmetics collection. Extravagant parties don’t pay for themselves.)

In the next couple of snaps posted to her stories, she shows what a more restrained birthday party for Stormi looks like: a cake decked out in rainbow sprinkles, a long table crowned with pastel-colored balloons, rainbow- and heart-adorned place settings.

Of course, no birthday, even a birthday in moderation, would be complete without its own merch line. Remember how last summer, for Scott’s birthday, Jenner rented out Six Flags Magic Mountain, which was about to be rebranded as AstroWorld—the same name as the rapper’s then-forthcoming new album and tour? Scott posted an alternate view of Stormi’s birthday festivities to his own Instagram Friday, in which he can be seen wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “Stormi World” and the slogan, “It’s my birthday I can fly if I want to” and the date. In a subsequent image, he showed off a rainbow hoodie with the same words printed on its breast, as well as a “Stormi World” baby-blue beanie. (Incidentally, this Stormi merch had its own logo—a cloud with a lightning bolt lashing out from one side and a sun appearing over the opposite. Stormi, the baby; also stormy, the weather.)

Judging by the weather forecast and Jenner’s description of the party—attended by Stormi’s “cousins” and “everybody who loves her”—it would appear that Jenner and Scott are still on the west coast. Tomorrow, though, they’ll make their way to Atlanta, where Scott is playing the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Maroon 5. Cardi B will not be in attendance.