Powerhouse pop star Lady Gaga is cancelling the final ten dates of her Joanne world tour. The singer made the announcement on Instagram, posting a message from Live Nation alongside a personal message to her European fans, promising to return to their cities when she is able. "I’m so devastated I don’t know how to describe it. All I know is that if I don’t do this, I am not standing by the words or meaning of my music. My medical team is supporting the decision for me to recover at home. We’re cancelling the last 10 shows of my Joanne World Tour," she wrote. "I love you, but this is beyond my control."

The message from Live Nation cited "severe pain" as the reason for scrapping the last leg of the tour. The Instagram post was flooded with supportive messages from fans wishing her well and hoping that she feels better soon.

The reason for the pain is (we assume) that Lady Gaga suffers from fibromyalgia. The often misdiagnosed and little-understood condition causes widespread musculoskeletal pain; as anyone who has seen her Netflix documentary Lady Gaga: Five Foot Two can tell you, she's been treating her symptoms with, among other things, medication, which can be very hard to sustain alongside an active touring schedule.

But if you're a diehard Gaga fan, you'll still have plenty of opportunities to see her perform. She hasn't yet announced whether or not the latest round of health issues will affect her Las Vegas residency, which is set to begin at the end of the year, but hopefully this time off will help her recover. And don't forget that she's starring in the (latest) remake of A Star Is Born, co-starring and directed by Bradley Cooper. The film was originally set to premiere this May but has been pushed back to the Fall...does this mean it's in bad shape and needs a lot of work, or that it's a masterpiece worthy of award season consideration? Time will tell, and we'll be waiting. In the meantime, wishing Gaga all the best as she takes a much-deserved break.

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