It’s Lady Gaga and Celine Dion vs Anthony Hopkins and His Ukelele in the Weirdest Celebrity Instagrams of the Week

From Lady Gaga and Celine Dion posing like they’re on the Titanic, to Anthony Hopkins’s ukulele serenade, these celebrities are getting strange on Instagram.

Photo by @ladygaga.

Just because national holidays have passed us by, it doesn’t mean that celebrities took a break from being weird and wild on social media. After only a few days into 2019, the A-list has proven themselves to be just as baffling on Instagram as they have been in years past.

Can anyone compile a list of strange happenings on the ‘gram without including Martha Stewart? We think not. This week, she doled out some pretty helpful advice regarding magnifying makeup mirrors and why you should be wary of the power they have when touched by the sun. Anthony Hopkins, on the other hand, was all about the good vibes that are associated with a ukulele (which he apparently plays, by the way) and reminded his fans of a viral, giddy video he shared on Instagram in April of last year. Lady Gaga and Nick Jonas showed off their appreciation for Celine Dion in two contrasting yet similarly peculiar ways. Hilary Duff recreated a cheeky Rachel McAdams magazine cover image while vacationing in Mexico, and a handful of celebrities showcased their celebrity doppelgängers thanks to a new app making the rounds across social media. Here, a look at some of the strangest, cutest, and most perplexing celebrity Instagrams of this week.

Lady Gaga and Celine Dion

Gaga and Celine Dion recreated the iconic Titanic pose after Dion visited Gaga’s Enigma tour in Las Vegas. It was enough of a moment for not only stans of both pop divas, but for Dion herself, who almost needed to be carried out on a stretcher after watching Gaga perform. This image is like the unofficial photographic embodiment of the “legends supporting legends” meme.

Joe Jonas

Gaga is obviously not the only Celine Dion stan in Hollywood—Joe Jonas and his stuffed polar bear couldn’t help but perform a karaoke duet of “My Heart Will Go On,” as this video captured by Nick Jonas shows.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill tried out-Aquamaning the one and only Aquaman himself (Jason Momoa) by hopping in the pool with a fork and scaring young Justice League fans away with this image.

Alan Cumming

And speaking of close-up photos of attractive men’s smushed faces, Alan Cumming decided to share his non-surgical face lifting journey with his 300,000 followers on Instagram. Cumming may insist that “it takes a village” to get that face tight, but really, it just looks like it takes cosplaying as Pinhead from Hellraiser to make the slightest cosmetic difference.

Jennifer Beals

Some celebrities took the end of Christmas and ushering in of the new year as a sign of “a particular breed of melancholy,” like Jennifer Beals, who shared a strangely introspective closeup of a Christmas tree suffocating in a black garbage bag.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora, on the other hand, used the induction of the New Year as an excuse to take a completely extra holiday selfie, along with the assertion that she wants to “figure out my bra size” in 2019.

Hilary Duff

While on vacation in Mexico with her new baby, Hilary Duff recreated a photograph of Rachel McAdams breastfeeding on the cover of a magazine. Duff was in full-on vacation garb (shower cap included), unlike McAdams, who wore an open Versace blazer paired with diamonds on her neck for the Girls Girls Girls cover shoot.

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins also leaned all the way into his vacation vibe this week, while celebrating his birthday on December 31. In case the Hawaiian shirt wasn’t enough of a tip-off that Hopkins was in relaxation mode, he recorded himself giving ukulele serenade to his one million followers.

Karen Elson

Thanks to a viral new app from Popsugar, celebrities (and regular, nonfamous people) are finding out who their celebrity doppelgängers are and Karen Elson discovered that she looks almost exactly like, well, Karen Elson.

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin also discovered he is an 84% match for himself (the addition of the bunny ears might make up for the lost 16%).

Martha Stewart

Finally, where would any of us be without a heaping serving of home decorating advice from Mother Martha? Martha Stewart visited Tasmania for the holidays with her family, but discovered that the magnifying makeup mirror in her bathroom was capable of nearly setting her window sill on fire. If that’s not a cautionary tale to close your blinds when you’re not home during the day, then what is?

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