Lady Gaga Has Entered the Sex and the City Phase Of Her Breakup From Ex-Fiancé Christian Carino

She's reportedly been spotted on a post-breakup vacation in Mexico, à la Carrie Bradshaw in the 'Sex and the City' movie.

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If the story of a hardworking and quirkily stylish New Yorker who breaks things off with her fiancé then travels to Mexico with her three closest girlfriends sounds familiar, that might be because the basic plot of the Sex and the City movie seems to have moved out of the fictional cinematic realm and into the real life of Lady Gaga.

It was reported on Tuesday that Gaga and her boyfriend of two years, CAA talent agent Christian Carino, were ending their engagement, just days after eagle-eyed fans of the superstar noticed she was not wearing her engagement ring at the Grammys and did not attend the event with her fiancé.

Now, just days before she is scheduled to perform at the 2019 Academy Awards, Page Six is reporting that she has been spotted in Mexico at a “farmland resort” just south of California. A source told the publication that Gaga is not vacationing solo; she’s reportedly got three friends by her side to keep her company. As for her vacation look, she’s also sporting “a slick low ponytail” and “wearing a black outfit and a large diamond necklace.”

Fans of the 2008 Sex and the City movie will recall that Carrie Bradshaw also took a trip to Mexico after breaking up with her fiancé—rather than waste what was supposed to be her honeymoon with Big, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha joined their jilted best friend in an effort to cheer her up. Though it takes a few days of resort hijinks, time eventually begins to heal Carrie’s emotional wounds.

That post-breakup trip to Mexico is not the point where the similarities between the two women ends—both Carrie and Gaga are icons that have become almost synonymous with New York, they both have an affinity for diamonds, they both have a penchant for wearing elaborate, impractical couture (even Carrie’s closest friends didn’t immediately realize that one component of her Vivienne Westwood wedding gown was supposed to be some sort of bird), and they both use their work to philosophize about the nuances of female sexuality.

However, what Gaga has that Carrie doesn’t is a combination of six Grammy awards to keep her warm at night, an Oscar nomination, and the good sense to be self-aware in many ways that the beloved fictional character was not. (Also, the singer’s representatives confirmed that her break-up from Carino was not the result of some “long dramatic story,” which is very much the opposite of what went down in pretty much all of Carrie’s romantic entanglements.)

In the end, Carrie turned out just fine (or at least okay enough to warrant a misguided sequel that even the most devoted SATC fans don’t like to acknowledge), and Gaga most likely will too. We’ll just have to wait until she arrives at the Oscars to see if Gaga decides to completely pull a Carrie and go brunette for the remainder of the year.

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