Lady Kitty Spencer Is Reportedly Engaged to a Fashion Mogul

Princess Diana’s niece is set to marry a man 31 years her senior.

Royal It girls like Lady Kitty Spencer, the late Princess Diana‘s niece, have long been the subject of global curiosity, especially in the age of the influencer.Spencer made headlines nearly two years ago when she landed a Bulgari campaign, proving that she was well suited to follow in her aunt’s fashionable footsteps, and has become a fixture of Fashion Week front rows from London to Milan.

Once named “one of the most eligible girls in Britain” by Tatler, Spencer is now off the market, as she is said to be engaged to Michael Lewis. It was reported that just a few days before Christmas, while vacationing in Cape Town—where she grew up—Spencer received the ultimate holiday present: a marriage proposal from her South African–born, Britain-based beau.

The relationship is drawing plenty of attention, both because of the age gap (she’s 29, he’s 60—and just for reference, her dad, Charles Spencer, is only 55) and because Lewis is reportedly worth at least $100 million.

The rumor mill churned and churned last June, when reports began to circulate in the press that princes Harry and William’s cousin was linked to Lewis. Spencer is usually quite active on Instagram (and has been garnering social media attention ever since the 2016 United States presidential election, memes and all), but she has yet to confirm her engagement on her feed.

Lewis is the chairperson of a South African fashion brand called Foschini, so if he and Spencer were to have children, they would be not just British nobility but fashion royalty as well. Unlike the majority of royal micro-updates we are subjected to on a daily basis, this one could make an interesting addition to the eighth season of The Crown.

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