Saturday Night Live - Season 43

Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Larry David and Saturday Night Live have a long, fun history. The now-legend got his start as a staff writer in the 80s, a gig he briefly quit by storming out of the building, only to return to work on Monday as if nothing had happened (which, yes, he later used as a storyline for Larry David avatar George Costanza on Seinfeld). Since then, he's returned to host the show, including a memorable episode in 2016 that introduced us to Kevin Roberts (David Pumpkins-esque) and, of course, Larry-as-Bernie.

On Saturday, David returned to the Studio 8H stage as Bernie and as a couple other character, but mostly, as Larry David. And Larry David was not about to put on an adult diaper and onesie to rap about a relationship taking baby steps, as we clearly see in "The Baby Step."

Obviously, it's actually a meta-sketch about how they can't get David to demean himself for the sake of comedy. David even goes so far as to grill the cast as to why they're putting up with this. He understands why newcomer Chris Redd (whom he calls Carl) needs the screen time, but hasn't Kenan Thompson been on for over a decade? Musical guest Miley Cyrus, meanwhile, is simply ashamed.

What isn't mentioned is the fact that David is sharing the stage with Pete Davidson, who is dating Larry's daughter Cazzie David. Props to Pete for wearing a diaper in front of his girlfriend's dad at his place of work. They also played teammates on The Price Is Right in a sketch, though David was in character as Sanders in that one.

So will we ever get a Cazzie-Larry-Pete triple cameo? Maybe once they've been going out for longer. After all, it's important to take baby steps. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. That's terrible, I shouldn't have written that. I'm....I'm sorry.


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