Lindsay Lohan’s Most Memorable (and Meme-able) Quotes

"Move that cone, I'm Lindsay Lohan!"

MTV EMAs 2018 - Red Carpet Arrivals
Stephane Cardinale – Corbis

With the premiere of her new MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Lindsay Lohan is currently in the midst of her biggest press tour in years. Over the past week she’s hit up Fallon, Watch What Happens Live, Howard Stern, and multiple other SiriusXM shows and a feature in Variety, and in the process she’s dropped several nuggets. She finally explained the situation with her accent, and recast her relationship with Samantha Ronson as more of a friendship. She’s also dropped quite a few head scratching (and yet highly re-tweetable quotes). We shouldn’t be surprised. Here, a look back at some of Lohan’s most memorable (and meme-able) quotes.

On minor traffic inconveniences:

“Move that cone, I’m Lindsay Lohan!”

Original Context: July, 2011 in Plum Miami. 2011 was a bit of a dark year for Lohan, amidst many of them. She hadn’t done a movie since 2010’s Machete and wouldn’t work again until a guest stint on Glee in 2012. Still, she booked the cover of Plum Miami, a short-lived but splashy print effort from Ocean Drive magazine’s founder attempting to compete against his old property. This particular quote came when Lohan and the writer were rolling up in an SUV to a busy hotel driveway.

When It’s Fun to Take It Out Of Context: Anytime you face any minor inconvenience you find annoying. It’s like “Don’t you know who my father is” for people who don’t have rich fathers.

On whether or not she’s a feminist:

“I’m just Lindsay Lohan. Whatever that is.”

Original Context: January 2019, in Variety. Lohan’s sociopolitical leanings have always been hard to decipher, and even asking her point blank doesn’t help the matter.

When It’s Fun to Take It Out of Context: Have you seen people’s Twitter’s bios? We love labeling ourselves. Though, sometimes it’s perhaps wise to step away from strict labels and remind everyone that we’re just who we are… whatever that is.

On not being in Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” video:

“They probably couldn’t get in touch with me, I guess. I don’t know. It’s not that easy to just fly in from Dubai.”

Original Context: January, 2019 on Jenny McCarthy’s SiriusXM show. Though Grande nabbed a few key celebrity cameos for her “Thank U, Next” video, Lohan was not amongst them.

When It’s Fun to Take It Out of Context: As The Cut points out, when you’re not invited to a party.

On paradoxes:

“My motto is: Live every day to the fullest—in moderation.”

Original Context: This one has floated around the internet for years as attributed to Lohan, and perhaps it’s original province has been lost, or maybe it’s just fake.

When It’s Fun to Take It Out of Context: When you decided to say no to the fifth vodka soda, because four is full enough.

On growing up:

“I’m not that girl from Freaky Friday any more! I’m a real adult. In fact, I hate children! I hate them all!”

Original Context: Again, seemingly lost.

When It’s Fun to Take It Out of Context: When you get carded at the bar.

On the criminal justice system:

“I, somewhere inside, knew and sort of wanted to go to jail… just to find some peace.”

Original Context: April, 2014 on her OWN show Lindsay. This quote probably would cause more controversy would it be uttered today, as jail isn’t really a place that’s there for white girls to find some peace.

When It’s Fun to Take it Out of Context: When you’re calling attention to your own cluelessness about your privilege.

On Emma Stone:

“wtf is emma stone?”

Original Context: October, 2012 on Twitter. Giving their starmaking turns in teen comedies, red hair and raspy voices, it’s easy to look at Stone’s career and think about Lohan and mutter “Oh, what could have been.”

When It’s to Take it Out of Context: When someone asks you about the new person your ex is dating

On Brexit and Press Accountability:

“i am actually against BREXIT i am for #REMAIN so get your facts straight you lazy cow”

Original Context: June 2016 on Twitter. Remember when Lohan started passionately Tweeting against Brexit? Yeah, that happened (and, yeah, she was right).

When It’s Fun to Take it Out of Context: When a lazy cow doesn’t get their facts straight.

On Hillary Duff:

“Her music is cool. It’s just not the direction I’m going right now.”

Original Context: August, 2014 in Rolling Stone. Remember when Lohan and Duff were feuding about Aaron Carter?

When It’s Fun to Take it Out of Context: Any time you need to subtly shade someone.