Maisie Williams’ Next Role in Two Weeks to Live Sounds Like Arya Stark But With More Jokes

Game of Thrones might be over but she's still playing an outcast on the run.

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As dark and gruesome as Game of Thrones was, it still had its comedic moments. Some of that was due to Maisie Williams‘ dry portrayal of Arya Stark. Soon, though, Williams will be dialing up that side of herself even more when she inhabits yet another outcast character on the run, this time from the police and a gangster in the limited series, Two Weeks to Live.

Like Arya, Williams’ new character Kim Noakes gets into trouble on her way to avenging her father’s death. She also grows up in the countryside, where she picks up some “bizarre survival techniques” from her mom, as Variety notes. The six-part series, penned by Gaby Hull, doesn’t air until 2020 in Ireland and the UK on the Sky network, so it may be awhile until Stateside viewers get to watch it.

“Looking forward to getting into something new, I think Two Weeks To Live has really great potential and I want to make something incredible with this wonderful team,” Williams said of the new role in a statement to Variety.

This explains why Williams isn’t doing a Stark sisters Game of Thrones spinoff with her former on-screen sister played by Sophie Turner. Of course, Turner has also backtracked on that idea, since she and Williams first joked that they were in, toying with the hearts of GoT fans. When Williams was asked about a Stark spinoff by E! News, she replied, “Oh, I would sign up for that!” to which Turner echoed, “I would sign up for that…. I wouldn’t sign up for any other spinoff unless Maisie was in it.”

But Turner has officially closed the door on any potential spinoff. “I think it’s time to say goodbye to Sansa. I’m ready-ish to say goodbye to her,” she told Sky News, adding, “I think my watch has ended. It’s been 10 years of my life and the best 10 years of my life by far… I finished in a very happy place with Sansa and it’s time to let her go. I feel like if I played her again it would be just be more trauma.”

But Williams’ new show seems poised to ease that loss.