Manolo Blahnik Is the ‘King of Shoes’ in Star-Studded Documentary Trailer

Watch the trailer here.

Manolo Blahnik
Photograph by Tung Walsh, Styled by Alexandra Carl

Manolo Blahnik‘s name may be synonymous with glittering stilettos, but as even some casual Sex and the City viewers may not be quite aware, there’s actually a man behind the brand with that name as well.

As Naomi Campbell so aptly puts it in a new trailer (released exclusively to Entertainment Weekly) for the upcoming documentary about Blahnik’s life and work, “He is the king of shoes.” Other supermodels, actors, magazine editors, and assorted members of the glitterati concur in short clips sprinkled throughout the trailer. “There is no ‘Manolo Blahnik.’ It’s Manolo. Every woman knows it. My daughter knows what a Manolo is,” model Iman says.

In the film, Blahnik, 74, also spends some time with supermodel Karlie Kloss and frequent Manolo collaborator Rihanna, with whom he shares a big laugh about the men who get angry with him because their wives love their shoes more than their husbands.

In a series of interviews, the Spanish-born Blahnik also reveals that he got his start making tiny shoes for lizards. “When I don’t like something, I just give hell,” says Blahnik, who is often credited with reviving the stiletto heel in the 1970s. “My joy in life is spending time in the factories, you see. It is quite sad to say that, but this is the only thing I love.”

According to EW, the film will feature interviews with Isaac Mizrahi, Paloma Picasso, and Candace Bushnell, creator of the original Manolo-obsessed Sex and the City squad. Fashion industry mavens are also given ample screen time. “I can’t remember the last time I wore anybody else’s shoes. I just don’t even look at them,” Vogue editor Anna Wintour says.

The film, Manolo: The Boy Who Made Shoes for Lizards, will be released in New York City on September 15 and in Los Angeles a week later.

Watch the trailer, below.

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