It’s well-trodden fact that Jennifer Lawrence is number-one Keeping Up With the Kardashians fan (as is Millie Bobby Brown, for that matter). But perhaps less known is Margot Robbie’s avowed love of Love Island, the British summer reality show that’s been described as a hybrid of Survivor and The Bachelor.

The show, in which a bunch of singles are dropped on Mallorca and left to pair up or be booted off the island, also counts Stormzy and Liam Gallagher among its fans—“Who doesn’t?” Robbie countered, rhetorically, when the British tabloid Metro asked if she’s a fan of the series.

It turns out, the fandom is mutual—or, at least, the Love Island contestants are watching Robbie’s movies just like Robbie is watching Love Island. Just “the other night,” the Oscar nominee explained, she and some friends were eating “crisps” and drinking beer and remarking how they would never be fit and beautiful enough for the reality show. “We’re so disgusting,” she and her friends remarked. “They would never let us on.” At that moment, one of the contestants—“I think it was Alex,” Robbie said—remarked on the resemblance between another contestant, Megan Barton-Hansen, and Robbie.

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“I personally don’t see the resemblance,” Robbie said. “They all have some amazing bodies and they are so gorgeous and are always so done up and looking incredible.” Okay, Margot. Nevertheless, fans have apparently remarked on the similarity ever since this season’s premiere, calling Barton Hansen the doppelganger of the Australian actress. From a certain angle, you can almost see it.

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