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Mariah Carey Resurrected and Put to Rest the "If You Don't Love Me at My" Meme

By now, the "if you don't love me at my ... you don't deserve me at my" meme has become pretty ubiquitous. (In case you've been scrolling too fast on your feed and aren't aware of the concept: The "if you don't love me at my" side of the post features a not so flattering, often throwback photo, and the "you don't deserve me at my" is often astonishing glow-up.) But just as it was about to go through the meme rite of passage of living out its weeklong life before being laid to rest in the depths of, over the weekend it was resurrected by none other than Mariah Carey.

Carey is more than a few days late to the game: Tyra Banks, for one, posted her take last Thursday, the day before Mindy Kaling was declared to have laid the meme to rest when she responded to a fan last Friday with "I don’t get this, I’m equally pretty in both."

But Carey didn't seem to get the message from Kaling, or the rest of the internet. (That, or she simply thought that despite her tardiness, she could do much better.) And so, more than 48 hours after Kaling's, on Sunday, Carey tweeted her own take, effectively once again claiming her status of queen of memes. (The photo on the left is of her famously makeup-free role in the 2009 film Precious; the one on the right is of her decked out on the cover of her 2005 so-called comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi, which was the best-selling album in the U.S. that year.)

She has that cred in the first place, of course, because of the famous GIF of Carey shaking her head and saying "I don't know her"—her response when asked for her thoughts on Jennifer Lopez in the early aughts. J.Lo, who at that point had already won a Grammy, released a four-time platinum album, and was of course one of Carey's biggest competitors. (Carey kept this up at least until 2016, when she again insisted to Andy Cohen that she's "very forgetful" and truly does not know Lopez.)

Mariah Carey.

Courtesy of Giphy

On the other hand, Carey's timing with "if you don't love me at my" could be considered impeccable: It at long last really does put the meme to rest, hopefully for good.

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