Maya Hawke Debuts Two New Songs

Listen to “Stay Open” and To Love a Boy” now.

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Tommaso Boddi

It turns out Ethan Hawke isn’t the only polymath in the family. With bona fide movie stardom almost within reach, his daughter, Maya Hawke, now has her sights set on pop stardom. The 21-year-old actress released snippets of her debut singles “To Love a Boy” and “Stay Open” on Friday.

According to an official press release, Hawke wrote the lyrics for both tracks and enlisted the help of Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jesse Harris to write the music. Hawke’s debut full length album is set to arrive later this year, and the singles will be released on August 16.

“This is a passion project for me; I have loved singing, writing lyrics and music since I can remember,” Hawke said in a statement. “For the last two years, Jesse (Harris) and I have worked on these songs, and we are really excited to finally share them with an audience.”

The new songs are an exclamation point on what has already been a huge summer for Hawke, whose mother is Uma Thurman. After her scene-stealing turn as Robin in the third season of Stranger Things, she made waves as one of the Manson girls in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

She recently spoke with W about what it was like working with the controversial filmmaker, who directed her mother in Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill series. “It’s an incredible experience to be directed by someone who loves making movies as much as he does,” she said. “The difference between Quentin and everyone else is that if he wasn’t a big time director he’d be working at the local video store. He’s a film addict. And that love is contagious and full-body and liberating.”

Read the rest of Hawke’s interview with W here.

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