Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Vetoed Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Bid for Independence

Not so fast.

Commonwealth Day 2019
Samir Hussein

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry seem intent on ushering the royal family into a new era. According to the Sunday Times, the couple attempted to gain autonomy from Buckingham Palace, but their efforts were thwarted by none other than Queen Elizabeth herself.

“They wanted their household to be entirely independent of Buckingham Palace, but were told no,” a source told the newspaper. “There is an institutional structure that doesn’t allow that kind of independence. The feeling is that it’s good to have the Sussexes under the jurisdiction of Buckingham Palace, so they can’t just go off and do their own thing.” Prince Charles was also said to be against the move.

According to the report, the impetus for Meghan and Harry’s request was to help further a global “Sussex brand” that would allow them to pursue their humanitarian and philanthropic efforts on their own accord.

Rumors of the Queen’s veto come after Thursday’s official announcement that the houses of Sussex and Cambridge will be separating in the spring, giving Meghan and Harry their own office and communications staff in Buckingham Palace. Kate and William’s office will reportedly remain in Kensington Palace, where they currently reside with their three kids.

According to a family friend, the split comes at a time when William and Harry are seeking to solidify their individual identities separate from each other. “They have always been different, they are very different characters,” the source told People. “They drew great comfort from each other when their mother died, and as they’ve grown up together. But they need to be separate. Now Meghan has arrived it is the right time to make that break.”

“The time has come,” the source added. “They are in their 30s and can’t be treated as young, unmarried men any more. Now, they are spreading their wings. William more than Harry as he has his three children—but Harry is now starting his own—and it is time to move on.”

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