Melania Trump has gone against the grain of first lady tradition by favoring European designer clothes over American offerings, and far and away one of her favorites is the Italian house Dolce & Gabbana. On the Trump administration's first jaunt overseas she's worn the label multiple times—Dolce & Gabbana is responsible for everything form the all-black number she wore to meet the Pope to the $51,500 jacket she wore today to the G7 summit in Catania.

Of course, Trump's relationship with American fashion is complicated. Numerous designers, from Tom Ford to Marc Jacobs, say they would not accommodate the first lady if she asked for clothes (this of course, does not prevent her from buying them on her own), and most of the industry, or at least the New York-based faction of it, appears to be decidedly not hot on the Trump administration.

One half of Dolce & Gabbana's design team, Stefano Gabbana, has no such qualms. He may be one of Melania Trump's biggest fans and frequently freaks out in joy on Instagram whenever she wears a look from his label (there's usually a lot of emojis and exclamation points involved in his captions).

Though, as you may have heard, the Trump administration is a bit, shall we say, controversial, and the designer attracts blowback anytime he posts about Trump. He doesn't seem to mind that either, and maintains an attitude of thanking the "haters" and making light of any calls to boycott his brand.

Here he re-posts a photo from an account called @Trumpadmin.daily.updates of Trump wearing that notably pricey floral coat, and adds an empathetic all caps "THANK YOU" complete with 9 heart emojis. Indeed, he now follows both the @Trumpadmin.daily.updates account and another called Consider him a Melania fanboy.

When he posted images of Trump's black D&G Vatican visit ensemble, he both says "THANK YOU" to the "haters," and pairs the comment "Remember #boycottdolcegabbana please" with a few "laughing so hard I'm crying" emojis.

Here's a couple other Melania-in-Dolce moments he's posted:

In case you were wondering how much he cars about any Trump criticism, he also posted this helpful Instagram.

Also, he doesn't mind when the media notices.

So, to recap this factual information: American first lady Melania Trump wears a lot of outfits by luxury Italian label Dolce & Gabbana. Designer Stefano Gabbana gets very excited every time she does. He also does not care for your opinions on the matter and finds any calls to "#boycottdolcegabbana" hilarious.

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