Truly, the one thing that makes the Golden Globes more special than other awards shows is that food and, more importantly, drink are served throughout the night, and, unlike the stuffier Academy Awards, guests typically get up to mingle with one another. But when the commercial break ends and the broadcast resumes, you're supposed to just sit wherever you happen to find yourself, which is how Mariah Carey, chatting with Steven Spielberg (about what, one wonders), found herself plopping down in Meryl Streep's chair. Carey apologized about the situation and Streep was gracious—at least, according to Carey.

But on Monday's Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Streep told a slightly saucier version of the story. "B*tch stole my seat!" she trilled, explaining that when she returned to her table to find her place occupied by Carey, she simply offered to sit on the singer's lap. Because, it would be comfy. Of course.

She accused Carey of "sucking up" to Spielberg...or Spielberg of sucking up to Carey, it's not entirely clear how the power dynamic works out between the biggest diva in Hollywood and Mariah Carey. Also at their table were "Tom and Rita" (that's Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson) and Spielberg's wife Kate Capshaw.

Of the politically charged evening, Streep mused, "What a wild night." She even proposed making The Rock chairman of the joint chiefs—if Oprah makes good on those [2020 rumors(

As for whether the White House's current occupant has seen Streep's new film, The Post, she can't say, but she describes it as "a very patriotic movie." And that's mostly true, though it does suffer from an extreme lack of Mariah Carey, our country's greatest resource.

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