It’s been 20 years since Missy Elliott made her debut with “Supa Dupa Fly” and 12 years since her last full-length record, and she’s still nabbing the top-billed spot at festivals. On Friday night, Elliott headlined Los Angeles’s FYF Fest, marking her first full set in the United States in about 10 years. The rapper went on just after 11 p.m.—just after Icelandic musician Björk took the stage, alongside her collaborator, the producer Arca (who also played his own set over the weekend).

Sharing coveted Friday night time slots, and being two of the few women headlining festivals this summer, the two legends were bound to cross paths—and, judging by their Twitter interactions over the weekend, they hit it off. “.@bjork YOU are LEGENDARY! & your MUSIC & BEATS & CREATIVITY have been inspiring for ppl like me!” Elliott tweeted Saturday evening, along with a selfie she took with Björk. The next day, Björk retweeted Elliott, adding, “THANKU @MissyElliott !! that was 1 of the best shows ive ever seen:million mindblowing hits 1after the other! A TOTAL ETERNAL ADORE <3 björk.” (Naturally, their exchange prompted observers to request the two get into the studio together, stat.)

Björk wasn’t the only fan who came out for Elliott’s can’t-miss FYF Fest performance: Beyoncé and Solange Knowles were spotted dancing backstage during Elliott’s set; and Solange later posted an Instagram of Elliott and her dancers from her prime backstage vantage. In an Instagram Elliott posted with the Knowles sisters, she wrote, “Big S/O to my good sis @saintrecords & my sis ?@beyonce they have always showed me love and supported me since day one! Over a decade.” Though Elliott has released just one song each year since 2015, her impact on women in hip-hop, and on musicians across the festival lineup, is evidenced in the devotion of her fans—both celebrity and mere mortal alike. She also thanked Janet Jackson, Katy Perry, and Tyler, the Creator, for coming out to the festival Friday night. “(great convo with u) bjork!” Elliott wrote.

“I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!” she concluded. The start of a beautiful friendship.

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