A Private Tour of MOCA With W Magazine

To see “The Art of Our Time” collection.

Tracee Ellis Ross

What: W magazine, Chloé and Philippe Vergne, the director of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and museum trustee Sutton Stracke hosted a private preview of “The Art of Our Time,” an exhibit featuring the permanent collection and other recent acquisitions.

When: Tuesday, November 3rd

Where: The Museum of Cotemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA).

Who: Curator Sylvia Chivaratanond, gallerist Esther Kim Varet, actress Tracee Ellis Ross, Langley Fox Hemingway, and other Los Angeles art collectors.

Why: Guests not only viewed the striking collection, but were also brought upstairs for a private dinner on the roof—the best seat in the city.

Photos: A Private Tour of MOCA With W Magazine

Tracee Ellis Ross. Photo by Getty Images.

Heather Mnuchin, Shari Glazer and Sara Fitzmaurice. Photo by Getty Images.

Sylvia Chivaratanond and Philippe Vergne. Photo by Getty Images.

Langley Fox Hemingway. Photo by Getty Images.

Jessica Robin Trent. Photo by Getty Images.

Cara Santana and Jesse Metcalfe. Photo by Getty Images.

Tracy O’Brien and Azadeh Shladovsky. Photo by Getty Images.

Sonya Roth and Meredith Darrow. Photo by Getty Images.