Meet Molly Constable, the Model Tapped by Rihanna to Be Savage X Fenty’s First Guest Curator

Model Molly Constable is the first guest curator for Rihanna’s monthly Savage Xtra VIP Box.

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Unlike some celebrities who are happy to slap their endorsement on a product and call it a day, you know that Rihanna is not one of them. Whether it’s her beauty line or just launched luxury fashion label, the singer-turned-entrepreneur has her hands on every part of the process, from design to packaging to marketing. This also extends, of course, to Savage X Fenty, her size-inclusive lingerie brand thats widely beloved by fans and celebs alike. But for the first time, Rihanna is letting someone else call a few of the shots, if for one month only. Today, the brand announced that it has tapped its first guest curator for its monthly Savage Xtra VIP Box, a subscription service that delivers member’s a personally-tailored box of goodies every thirty days: model Molly Constable. Discovered via Instagram in 2012, Constable has since shot with the likes of Tim Walker and Tom Ford, and walked in Rihanna’s memorable Fall 2018 Savage x Fenty runway show in Brooklyn. For the June box, she selected a baby doll and undie set, multi colored pasties, and a collectible flask keychain to be included in that month’s wares. Here, read on about what it’s like to work with Rihanna, her fashion do’s and don’ts, and more.

What was it like to work on this project?

I’ve always wanted to do a little something like this so I’m super honored to be the first involved! I’ve been working with Savage for a year now and this was such a sick way to show how much I’m inspired by the brand and genuinely love the pieces they produce.

How did you land on the items you curated?

These pieces were picked with a flirtatious mindset with some added edge to feel sexy, as well.

How much did Rihanna herself inspire you when curating the pieces?

I love that she always pairs her outfits with pieces from the line so it’s really nice that these pieces, in my opinion, can be thrown into an everyday XTRA look.

Describe your style in three words?

Colorful, vintage, messy-western.

What is your go-to outfit for a day off?

On my days off, that’s when some of my best style creations come to life. If it’s a rainy day, I love to lounge around in one of my many Savage X silk robes, It all depends on the weather, I guess!

Who is your ultimate style icon, and why?

If you morphed Keith Richards and Prince together… then they had a baby girl. I find a lot of my inspiration in men’s fashion. But love to add a feminine element in.

Best fashion advice you ever received?

Who cares.

Most prized possession in your closet?

A vintage velour and silk evergreen vampire duster.

First major fashion purchase?

I think it was this Balenciaga bag from this shop I would always pass on Fifth Avenue. This guy was always trying to finagle me into buying something, always, and it was always a “sample sale.” So one day I said fuck it. She was the slinky classic black distressed bag they made with the annoyingly long strings all over the place.

What was the last thing you purchased?

Ozzy Osbourne’s memoir. Clothes wise, this divine vintage Alexander McQueen ’90s printed silk skirt.

Currently on your shopping wish-list?

Every bralette and corset Savage is about to drop! They’re incredible.

Best fashion tip picked up on set?

I remember seeing Katie Grand’s archive of clothing and everything was so fucking colorful and big and fluffy and just out there. So it might not have been a “tip” but for me I was transformed from wearing strictly black to hide my figure to mixing in some color and gradually finding the confidence to wear whatever I want.

What was your style like as a teenager?

Not so great. But ironically enough, I did win most fashionable in school. I believe I wore leggings and a tan blazer.

Biggest fashion regret?

I don’t think I have any personal style fashion regrets because I believe that your style is a really beautiful way to express yourself. It’s all in how you’re feeling that day, so possibly growing into my style I wasn’t feeling deeply inspired and I didn’t make the best choices. You can’t blame me. Teenage years are tough.

Where are you favorite places to shop?

Thrift stores. Vintage. My mom has taught me the sweet sweet art of finding treasure in a place that may scream run. I love anything that nobody else will have. It’s important to be unique. I try to shop strictly vintage.

Favorite fashion moment from pop culture?

David Bowie every day or Rihanna’s Met Gala look from Heavenly Bodies. It actually shook me to the core.

What is always in your bag?

Keihls face spray, some mints, and most likely a safety pin or two.

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