Descendant Of Thieves - Presentation - NYFW: Men's July 2017

Myles B. O’Neal poses during the Descendant Of Thieves Spring 2018 presentation at New York Fashion Week: Men’s.

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Myles B. O'Neal, the 20-year-old son of former NBA superstar, Shaquille O'Neal, would like you to know that he does not play basketball. To clear up any confusion, he declares this front and center in his Instagram bio, and his account has over 45,000 followers thus far.

Instead, like most celebrity scions of his generation, O'Neal is an aspiring model and musical artist. He made his fashion week debut alongside Hillary Clinton's nephew, Tylor Clinton—as well as Pamela Anderson's son, Brandon Thomas Lee, and Cindy Crawford's son, Presley Gerber—at Dolce & Gabbana's most recent Spring 2018 runway show during Milan Fashion Week. And this week, at New York Fashion Week: Men's, O'Neal modeled in the Descendant of Thieves presentation as well as for an emerging brand called Fig Collective.

Naturally, there was also lots of street-styling to be done as well, and according to O'Neal's Instagram, he boasts great personal style and a well-stocked wardrobe. His preferred brands include V.Lone, Gucci, Goyard, Gosha Rubchinskiy, and of course, Supreme. He also shares his style philosophy on Twitter, with proclamations like: "Having style and wearing nice clothes are completely different things."

As for O'Neal's musical career, he currently has one single out on Soundcloud called, "Run It Back," which has a little over 7,000 plays, but makes up for it with boastful lyrics. So, even if O'Neal isn't destined for a championship basketball trophy, at least we know he's got his eye on other prizes. At the very least, he is, as they say, certainly "one to watch."

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