Fresh off the film festival circuit, the first trailer for Nicole Kidman's awards contender, Destroyer, debuted this morning—and without overusing the "you've never seen her like this before" hyperbole, this really does put the actress in new cinematic terrain.

As a crime thriller in the vein of Al Pacino's filmography, Kidman stars as an unstable detective who has to relive some traumatic memories, thanks to an infamous gang leader resurfacing after decades of silence. That's because years prior, when Kidman's character, Erin Bell, went undercover to infiltrate the gang in a California desert, some terrible stuff went down, and she's never been able to to fully recover. "I've spent my whole life scrappin'. Jealous, hungry, scared," she narrates in the trailer. "I wanna find something decent, something good." That "good" might come in the form of finally getting her long-gestating revenge, even if that means putting her family in the line of fire.

“I grew up on these kind of films. I watched [Al] Pacino play these roles, I watched all of the men in the '70s get the chance to do it, but I don’t have a female [equivalent]. That’s exciting as an actress to get the chance to do that,” Kidman explained to EW about her Destroyer role earlier this year. “This character is also so far removed from me, so that’s part of the appeal as an actor: going to places I haven’t been given the chance to go. I’m all about finding characters and stories that make me go, ‘This is new, but it’s still emotionally relevant.’”

Destroyer—also starring Bradley Whitford and Tatiana Maslany—will be released in December, in perfect harmony with eager Oscars voters. Between this and Big Little Lies season two, it's a good year for Nicole Kidman, indeed!