We'll certainly all be looking for balance this month, but it will be hard to get it, as you'll see in your November horoscope. So cling on to all your Earth sign friends (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), and resist the impulse to "end" or "finalize" things when it comes to your work life. The full moon in Taurus on the 12th will take you to a very internal place while the new moon in Sagittarius on the 26th will bring you right out of that place—reminding you that possibility is truly the greatest freedom.

Yours in the stars and on Earth,
The Astro Poets


It's already been an emotionally turbulent fall. The pace at work may slow down in November but you'll definitely be feeling the residual effects of your October drama. Most of this has to do with your career, not the relationships closest to you, or those you consider most important. Your people definitely have your back. Remember this, especially when the stress becomes overwhelming. You also shouldn't forget that your career is only your career. And the ocean doesn't care about your career. Maybe some time in the coming months it's good to go someplace warm and see that ocean. And be reminded—everything will continue, regardless.


A lot has been said about how "chaotic" Geminis are, and not enough gets said about their ability to show up for the people they care about. That's exactly what this month will ask of you. Your fire sign friends will be getting hit hard and you'll need to remind them that you truly see them and know who they are. These types of conversation may also pop up in your love life, which will feel more heady than action-oriented as we move closer to the end of the year. You will feel adrift at work but this has more to do with your overall restlessness when it comes to commitment. Try to stay focused and move past impulsive behavior, especially during a time when Mercury is in retrograde. You will feel like yourself again on a day that contains the number seven.


You aren't great at keeping grudges and knowing what to do with resentment. Keeping a creative fire going has always been more important to you. This November will be a test of that. Someone at work (or an acquaintance) will cross you and clearly be in the wrong. You'll have the opportunity to take them down, but think twice before you do. It's a good time to think about how powerful your empathy and loyalty are. You're a Leo. You lead others by example. You have a huge heart and are able to celebrate the material world unlike anyone else. Choose the version of yourself which you imagine receiving all those accolades and honors you routinely day dream about. You literally can't be bothered with haters.


November will return you to yourself in the best way. You'll feel an inclination to indulge in aesthetics and spend money—two things you do well. Skip the guilt trip. Just let loose. Will there be some wild nights and impulsive decisions? Obviously. But you're in a good place career wise and your friends are already used to your antics, which is to say, how charming and spontaneous you can be. The color red is a lucky one for you. And the number 13 will figure prominently in your imagination. There's nothing ominous ahead. There is only sky and wind.


It's often said that a Sagittarius is the most Sagittarius of all in times of crisis. The warrior, the bow and arrow—they really tend to come out. Maybe it feels like that kind of time in some of your most important friendships. And maybe this energy is extending outward, in more public ways, and in terms of what you do in the world (aka your career). You'll feel the inclination to shut down, but don't. It's okay to be more low key and to guard your heart this month, but do guard it. Don't stow it away. There is an immense reward for all the pain you're going through right now but you won't see it until early next year. Maybe even spring. So just imagine spring. Eternal spring.


It's going to be an incredibly social month for you. Not only will you reconnect with someone important from your past, but your current dating/sleeping/relationship situation will deepen. This will frighten you and you might even consider pulling a few stunts to assert your freedom. May we just gently suggest that you… don't. Let the people in your life care for you. Let yourself go somewhere you've been before, despite having been hurt there. You will feel the sun more sharply this November than it seemed in mid-summer. That's because you're entering a really positive phase of becoming exactly who you want to be.


You've set your sights for a while on building something monumental. But around now, you might feel as if a great many forces are in your way. Never fear, because by the sheer strength of your will, you will achieve what you came to this lifetime to do. Related to this, this month will bring surprising accomplishments, noticed both publicly and privately, which will fill you with both joy and pride. You are well on your way to something great, and things will only get better. Everything you have ever dreamt of is on its way. All you have to do is put in the work for it, something you of course excel at. Look ahead, look ahead—make that this month's motto.


You are a very good friend, and this month will be a testament to that. Your loyalty will be tested, and you will pass the test with the highest marks. But in being this kind and steady presence to everyone, you will absorb quite a bit of energy. You will need to shake free of this as much as possible, so you should indulge in relaxing baths whenever you can and be gentle with yourself when you can. Your work life will continue to shine, but a new job or promotion may be on its way, if it's not there already. You don't love change, but you know it's necessary. This change will be necessary and will bring you much happiness in the future.


The clarity of last month will propel you forward with great momentum this month. You have cleared the deck and now can work on building for the future. So much transformation has happened lately, but more is on its way soon. "Can I handle it?," you may be asking yourself. But the answer is always, yes, yes, yes. Because you can handle anything, even the very difficult. In other news, your love life may feel like it's dragging on. This is perhaps because you feel you can't make any changes that you aren't sure of yet. So, stay steady—you are on the right path.


More than any other month this year, you may be feeling the urge to be alone. But this will likely be the wrong thing to do. You should fill your days with friends and lovers, so that you can fill and refill your heart with the love you distinctly deserve. In terms of work, much planning that you have made over the course the past few years will be setting the course for some great things. You should rejoice that you deserve all of the great things and not feel too much guilt when accepting them. In terms of love, your dreams will tell you everything you need to know.


This month will be about industry, and you will work hard to build strong foundations for the future. You will forgo many social activities just to keep your heart focused on your goals, which will be immensely and life-changing. Travel will figure highly in much of your day to day, and you will relish in the new experiences coming your way. In terms of love, someone very much misses you. Do you miss them, too? If you do, it's okay to go ahead and let them know. It won't be that hard to admit it to them. They've been waiting for this moment for a while. Enjoy the ecstasy.


Your soul is so beautiful and it reflects on everything you do. Like an orange glass makes warm a room when the sun shines through, so too does your soul inflict even the smallest corner of your life with great magnitude. Use your soul to guide you to next steps in terms of love. It will know the right way. Work is fine—better than ever, even. But you will have to convince yourself that you really think so, as the mundane acts of the workday no longer enliven you like they once did. Perhaps a vacation is in your future? Even a few hours of a break, where your mind is free, will do you good.

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