It’s Not Too Late To Find The Perfect One-Piece Swimsuit

Nu Swim has your swim needs covered.

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New York native Gina Esposito launched California-based label Nu Swim in January 2015 with the misison to use swim fabrics that are sustainably produced; currently, 70% of the fabric she uses is. Esposito’s swim is clean and minimal in design and playful in the color which include hues similar to a Creamsicle orange, banana yellow, and Pink Panther rose. The pieces are designed in Esposito’s studio and manufactured by two small family-owned production houses nearby which allows her to be involved closely with the execution of her pieces. Here, Espisito breaks down her summer favorites.

What is your favorite beach?

I have three, although I rarely meet a beach I don’t like. Gilgo Beach in New York, Montara Beach in California; and San Agustinillo in Oaxaca, Mexico.

What is your favorite thing to do pre and post beach?

Beforehand, I make egg salad with extra celery on jewish rye with my mom. After, I like taking a long shower, dousing myself in oil, putting on a big cotton or silk dress, and having a glass of light-bodied chilled red wine with my feet up and a good breeze.

What do you always bring to the beach?

Cantaloupe and a crossword puzzle. In California, I always have a pair of sneakers in case getting to the beach requires climbing down a cliff. Also, a thick sweatshirt to act as pillow—it works really well as a pillow forming with the sand.

How does your favorite beach inspire your work?

It’s the only place I can truly relax and turn everything off, so it gives me the space to think.

How would you style your swimsuit from the beach to a night out?

We love wearing our one-piece swimsuits as body suits, this is definitely the intention of the brand—you can easily throw on a skirt, I love the ease and lightness of Pleats Please skirts, dresses and pants for summer

Which swimsuit reference has influenced you most?

Milton Avery’s paintings, sifting through images from the 1950s and ’60s of Andrew Geller’s architecture—I am obsessed with the East Coast during this era—and all of Eric Rohmer’s films; luckily they are pretty much all at the beach.

What is your favorite memory at the beach?

Making dribble castles with my grandfather, my mom waking me up at 6 a.m. to make egg salad and cantaloupe for our beach days, and going on an annual long walk with my cousins in Montauk to Ditch Plains.

What are you reading this summer?

Sunday is the day I try take time to myself and away from work, so I try to go somewhere quiet and read the New York Times magazine every Sunday. I also love to read Archie Comics, and yes, I still buy them at the grocery store.

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