The Boldest Street Style Stars of Panorama Basically Woke Up Like This

Though just in its second year, Panorama, the New York festival on Randall's Island by the organizers of Coachella, has already established itself as worthy counter-programming to Governors Ball earlier in the summer. This year’s eclectic Panorama lineup offered a bit of everything: Friday included sundown sets by Solange and Frank Ocean that kept festivalgoers talking throughout the weekend, while Saturday presented a roster of DIY acts like Mitski and Pinegrove and rappers Noname and Vince Staples. Sunday’s electronic-dominated schedule included producers like Cashmere Cat and Snakehips and the French duo Justice, who blew out the sound system midway through their set. That night, Trent Reznor closed out the weekend with a thrashing after-dark Nine Inch Nails set.

And while there were plenty of band t-shirts—Nine Inch Nails and Tame Impala abounded, as well as classics like LCD Soundsystem made appearances (despite not being on the lineup)—the array of looks among the crowd were nearly as varied as the musical acts themselves. Here, get to know a few of the boldest, most ostentatious New Yorkers at the 2017 Panorama Festival, and how they styled their looks to go with their favorite acts.

Grace Hartzel, 21, model, and Katerina Tannenbaum, 24, actress

Hartzel: "This is our first day."
Tannenbaum: "I rolled out of bed this morning and didn’t know I was coming, so I was wearing my pajamas."
Hartzel: "This is her pajama pants."
Tannenbaum: "And then I just borrowed a shirt from my friend, so that’s what happened to me."
Hartzel: "I just wear this outfit every day, so it’s really dirty. I literally wear it every day. It’s Japanese-inspired, manga-inspired."

Matt Bloom, 24, software engineer (“as you maybe can tell from the attire”)

"This is a recycled look, inspired by streetwear. First premiered at Bonnaroo this year, where I kind of wanted to wear a costume and this was the best I could come up with in the time of need. But it gets the job done—it’s kind of festive, kind of fun, but it’s got good utility. I was going to tie-dye it but never got around to it—I shipped the tie-dye to the wrong address."

Chloe Mackey, 22, social media manager for Milk Makeup
"It’s day three, I was exhausted, I was just kind of like, Match your hair to the rest of your outfit and it will look like you tried. So I just grabbed my favorite pair of denim shorts and this top and these boots and that was kind of it. I went to Coachella this year and really planned it, and I didn’t have the energy to do it for Panorama. I’ve just been kind of winging it."

Roberta Basilio, 31, and Maria Montane, 26, both stylists

Basilio: "I’m wearing a five-dollar something that I bought in a thrift shop, and then an expensive bag—that’s the only thing."
Montane: "I think I’m very basic, but I have a little bit of the ’70s kind of vibe. We have this natural, magic style. Actually, we don’t care. I totally didn’t care. I came to see Tame Impala, so I think we’re on the same page."

Nelson Gillum, 27, luxury fashion marketer

"How did I cop this look for today? Well, this shirt, I got at a street fair in Colombia during Carnevale. My friends and I went out there for Carnevale this year, and it felt appropriate to bring it back out for this. It isn’t so much about the outfit for me; it’s about the energy that I feel."

Chevy Heurtelou, 24, designer, Fuji Ng, 21, model, and Taylor Ryerson, 25, Gucci design studio

Heurtelou: "I was thinking about motocrossing today. I was like, Why not? I usually do it fashion-wise; nobody else wears this stuff. I just like to stand out."
Ng: "I actually just go with the flow, wake up and pick whatever I’m feeling in the morning—depressed, a little bit. That’s why I picked all black."
Ryerson: "This is one of my own pieces. I like to rep my own shit, so I figured this, but keep it subtle on the bottom. I was in heels yesterday, so sneakers were the move for the third day."

Thomas Castro, 21, “I model and live life,” and Apple Drysdal, 23, artist

Castro: "I was just on some chill shit and decided to wear some baggy clothes. I wasn’t here yesterday because I had a job, but I came here the first day, which was dope as f--- because Frank killed it; Tyler’s the vibe; and I was chilling with some homies. And I was excited to come today because it’s sunny. I need a dope-ass flick for the gram."
Drysdal: "Today, I decided not to wear heels because my feet were beat. I’m wearing Tayground’s skirt. The bag’s a strawberry. It’s from China. And I have multiple shades, just in case I want to switch looks, because I feel really plain today."

Alixandra Mokris, 22, e-commerce rep, and Gillian Millberg, 22, FIT student

Millberg: "I usually go thrifting, so everything I’m wearing is thrifted. I also really enjoy a lot of ear candy, so this is Justine Clenquet. She’s a new French designer. And we like baggy things."
Mokris: "Yeah, this is an extra, extra, extra large. Everything is thrifted on me as well."
Millberg: "Also, we love vintage."

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