Of Course Paris Hilton Adores Art Basel

Parties, parties, and more parties – it’s her kind of place.

Barron Hilton and Paris Hilton

What: The Andy Warhol Museum threw a dinner for restaurateur Michael Chow in anticipation of his February exhibition commemorating the career of his father Zhou Xinfang, grandmaster of Beijing Opera.

When: Wednesday, December 3rd

Where: Mr. Chow’s, of course, at the W Hotel, Miami Beach.

Who: Mario Testino held court with Peter Brant, Russell Simmons, and Paris Hilton, who spent the night gossiping with brother Barron and fellow tabloid confidante Brendan Davis. Art world poobahs, and longtime Chow pals, like Jeffrey Deitch, Aby Rosen, Julian and Glenn O’Brien made up the rest of the crowd.

Why: After a surprise performance starring Beijing Opera stars, Hilton was pressed for her feelings on the general concept of Art Basel. Of course, she’s a fan. “[It’s] the best time to be in Miami. I love seeing the art and you can’t beat these parties!” she chirped, though to be fair, she sounded far more enthused about the parties than the art. “It’s so fun to have all these amazing people in the same room!”

Photos: Of Course Paris Hilton Adores Art Basel

Barron Hilton and Paris Hilton. Photo by BFA.

MIchael Chow and Eva Chow. Photo by BFA.

Eva Chow, Mario Testino, and Peter Brant Jr.. Photo by BFA.

Giovanna Battaglia. Photo by BFA.

Julian Schnabel and Arne Glimcher. Photo by BFA.

China Chow and Julian Lennon. Photo by BFA.

Vito Schnabel and Aby Rosen. Photo by BFA.

Dorian Grinspan and Eric Shiner. Photo by BFA.

Cameron Silver. Photo by BFA.

Jeremy Kost and Tayo Otiti. Photo by BFA.

Casey Spooner, Asger Carlsen, and Luke Gilford. Photo by BFA.

Dorian Grinspan abd Christen Wilson. Photo by BFA.

Russell Simmons. Photo by BFA.