So many of Paris Hilton's outfits deserve to be hung in some sort of museum—the Juicy Couture tracksuits, Von Dutch trucker hats, and many, many Barbie-pink getups. But perhaps the most iconic of all is the glitzy chainmail minidress featuring a low-cut back, crystal straps, and a plunging draped neckline that she wore to one of her several 21st birthday celebrations. But before the Julien MacDonald frock gets packed up for good, the heiress decided to take it out for a victory lap.

On Sunday, Hilton, 36, shared several photos on Twitter of her wearing the 15-year-old disco ball dress to a DJing gig in Spain on Saturday. "Last night in Marbella!" she captioned two pictures of her standing outside a club. "2002 - 2017," she captioned another set of photos comparing her 2017 sensibilities to those of her 2002 birthday bash. This weekend, the singer accessorized the dress with a silver sparkly choker, rhinestone-encrusted fingerless gloves, metallic pointy-toed pumps, a headband with silver cat ears, huge round sunglasses, and hot pink nails. Her turn-of-the-millennium look was no less over-the-top: For the London soirée, Hilton paired the dress with a delicate tiara, butterfly-shaped barrettes, a wider diamond choker, strappy stiletto heels, a pink Tinkerbell purse and a hot pink watch. At the time, she also had a short bob haircut, rather than her current waist-length locks, and opted for black eyeshadow and heavy eyeliner.

But Hilton isn't the first one to give her early-aughts ensemble a modern-day makeover. In November 2016, Kendall Jenner wore a nearly identical dress to her own 21st birthday party in Los Angeles. In an interview with Vogue shortly after Jenner's party, Hilton said she was flattered by the supermodel's homage to her. "Kendall, I was just at her birthday party the other night, and when I was saying hi to her I looked down at her dress and I'm like, 'Oh my god, that dress is stunning.' That was actually my dress for my 21st birthday, as well. We were laughing about how the dresses look exactly alike and she looked stunning in it. It was such a beautiful dress. To see that recreated just brought back a lot of memories," she said.

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